Stepping on !

So in preparation for the journey we have been hitting the hills for a bit of training.

Ben Lawers looking at what could of been !

Ben Lawers looking at what could of been !

On this occasion I took PTC advice on that surprise the weather tactic !

You plan to go on the day that has the best forecast and then on that day change your mind and go another !

On this occasion it came up Trump’s and we were treated to a great day on Beinn Ghlas and Ben Lawers.

An easy couple of Munro’s to knock off but the dreams of knocking another few were thwarted slightly !

Kit testing goes on ! I had my new pair of Montrail Namche’s on which I think will be the choice footwear !!

I have also been using the Haglofs Endurance pack all 12 ltrs of it great for adventure racing and a SEXY bit of kit but a tentative piece of kit for the West Highland Way ! If I decide to take Sleeping bag and Bivvy then I think it will be out the window reluctantly.

Tactics still have to be thought out that will dictate kit.

I feel a siege on MJ’s on a sunny afternoon with PTC, Craig and coffee is in order to debate !

One thing decided I will be taking Leki Traveller Carbon Nordic Walking poles to spread the load between upper and lower body In a Nordic Walking Style.

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4 thoughts on “Stepping on !

  1. Advice from PTC is good advice. Like the blog by the way. I’ll call back.

  2. bobinson

    Cheers Martin
    Spread the word !
    Your blog page is cool, Must get down to the lakes at some time !

  3. That wee photie there brings me joy as I sit and peer out through the greyness.

  4. Simon R

    Great to see you’re using LEKI NW poles. Should certainly help cover the ground pretty swiftly.

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