The Kit

I am not the sort of person to play around with kit !

I tend to get it dis pair at the amount of packaging round it and then put it on / in my rucksack etc and use it.

For the WHW though I have been thinking about a few things !

1. Do I take a stove for hot food or just resort to cold stuff and hope I can pick up morale boosting goodies on route ?

2. The big sleep system debate, to sleep or not to sleep and if sleeping then do you rough it with thermal layers and waterproofs in a ditch or use the nice Big Agnes Triple Wire bivvy, Pitch Pine Top Bag and Clear view pad ?

There is no doubt that the benefit of a hot brew and a few hours of quality sleep boosts performance.

So the decisive factor is pack choice !

I really love my Haglofs Endurance pack so these questions arose when really wanting to take it.

12 ltrs is not a size that springs to mind for a 2 and a half day mission !

So out with the kit on the living room floor and pack it !

And guess what ? it fits !!!!!! Happy Days

Compact food will be the key but its all there.

Without food and water the pack ways just under 5KG

So I reckon all in all I will be looking at 6KG

On a more pressing note we are off to the Wan Dae this Saturday for a jolly 8hr adventure race in the Pentlands.

Good training and a wee test for some of the Bionic X kit that Ardblair Sports has sent us !

The big fear for me is looking like the only gay in the village as they are quite tight around the body !

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2 thoughts on “The Kit

  1. Patrick Young

    PTC said that you would be a good source of info to find out how the Big Agnes Pitchpine SL and Clearview pad werperforming. Was wondering on the temp rating, how low have you taken it with supplemental insulated clothing and what warmth does the 3wire bivy add.
    I have the bivy and am looking at the bag and pad. Thanks in advance.

  2. bobinson

    As I said on PTC’s blog I have been using it till now with just a pair of shorts on and been fine !
    I am on the West Highland Way this weekend and the forecast is frankly SH1T ! (I think it will be sunny and lovely)
    So will get back to you Monday or Tuesday if not blown away !

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