Wan Dae

The Wan Dae is an 8 hour race combining Mountain biking, hillwalking/running and Kayaking.

We had a couple of teams of 2 in  the race, with my mate Smithy teamed up with me.

I have never been into the Pentlands so was looking forward to getting out on my new bike and cover some new ground.

After all the rain the ground was soggy to say the least and this caused all manor of problems for racers !

Smithy canned off his bike on the return journey from a check point where we had to count to 10 in a foreign language ! (for no additional points ???)

I chose to keep my SPD shoes on even on the foot section, which in retrospect was slightly uncomfortable !

The x bionic tops were good and the vent panel on the back helped wick the sweat away despite having a pack on.

We cut the foot section short due to Smithy’s knee hurting after his unexpected contact with the ground whilst he should of been on his bike.

The climb from the transition point was very steep ! so bikes on shoulders, head down and upwards we go !

For all the uphill there is always a down and when we eventually got to it we made the most of it !

We joined the Que at the kayaking smug in the fact that this was our strongest discipline, with plans to try and bag a few more check points before time ran out at 6pm.

Due to the que waiting for boats we finished the kayaking section at 5:45pm so off to the finish it was !

The day was great with good fun in navigating bike riding and some steep hill climbs on foot !

We drove home with that same old question in our heads “WHY ?” but still no closer to the answer !

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