Why so negative !

Not sure if its the weather, having had the dreaded lurgy or just that work is crap !

Things just appear to be rubbish right now…..

Due to being ill I haven’t made it out at all since last Thursday, over a week of doing nothing !

This is a bit frustrating as the WHW date is getting closer and closer, in some ways I wish it was here and I could just get on with it.

The more time I think about it the more I change or doubt the ability to sustain the mileage !

Kit thoughts change on a daily basis as the weather gets colder and wetter !

The forecast for the weekend isn’t too bad so fingers crossed I will get out and recharge the positive mental attitude batteries, and be back on Monday with a super positive update !

The only good thing was due to the rain I had my Montane Superfly Jacket on when I left work, wearing this always gives me a smug Little grin as the rain just runs off the fabric despite the fact it lives in the bottom of my rucksack for months on end, only coming out to play in the most hostile conditions !

Stay happy all !

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2 thoughts on “Why so negative !

  1. Phil, take a torch 🙂 I just tried to sponsor you but the justgiving site has just given up! I’ll be back. If I forget give me a nudge cheers. Go forth and multiply (your steps).

  2. bobinson

    Cheers Gary
    You wont miss me as I will have the Petzl Myo xp so it will be instant daylight !
    Not sure what the script is with the just giving site !!!!

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