Back on track

Yes I know I haven’t updated the blog for 2 weeks after my little low point !

Things have been busy and I have using as much time as possible to cram time on the hill and on my bike.

The October week meant early starts and late finishes due to towing the Sailing In The City trailer so trips had to be close at hand with a mixture of bike trips to Pollok Park Mountain Bike Circuit and Cathkin Braes and on foot up onto Eaglesham Moore.

I visited my old stomping ground of Muirsheil Country Park and walked up to the old mines, I then decide to “just nip up to Hill of Stake” its not that far !

Forgetting that there is no path and the ground is a mixture of boggy pools and tussocks of heather and grass.

30 minutes later and thighs burning I got to the top just in time to get hit by the rain !

I managed to catch a glimpse of Cumbrae and Arran through the cloud whilst having a drink of Nuun (can you get addicted to this ! plain water just wont do now )

My Montrail Cirrus boots were totally sodden and I cursed not having the Namches on !

I legged it down the hill falling into a bog disguised as a patch of moss (which was floating) disappearing right up to my Boll*cks in freezing stinking water !

Once back on the mines track I returned on a mixture of running and walking, passing walkers in 15 layers,hats and gloves on looking at me in disbelief that I was wearing shorts and a short sleeve thermal !

I also ventured up into the hills behind Fintry, I have never been on that side so it was good to explore new ground and scope out some future trails.

I was on the river this Saturday working and it was definitely Dry Suit weather !

My old Namches have become my boots for wearing on the river and really do work well as the water drains freely stopping the heat loss for the feet (thenamches still live on !).

The sun was shining and the River fairly high, this gave a pleasant change being on the water rather than on foot.

I have always loved Perthshire in the Autumn as the colours are amazing !

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