D-Day getting closer !

I just checked out the weather forecast for the weekend and it really is a mixed bag of rain snow and gales !

Good job I picked Oct then for this trip !

I have ordered bits and bobs for the trip and they are starting to appear in the post at long last.

I ordered some Jerky from The Scottish Jerky Company I have not tasted it yet but there is a mixture of Venison and beef flavours that can only be better than the crap you get robbed for in the supermarkets !

I had a couple more little treks up onto Eaglesham Moore after work this week, its been good to get out and still I have not seen anybody else out using the tracks !(then it is dark, windy and lashing with rain !)

I have been carrying 7kg in the Haglofs Endurance and have had a bit of a problem with the shoulder straps slipping and going loose ! also and most annoyingly the chest strap creeps up and then pops off the shoulder strap.

It goes back on but is very fiddly and would be impossible with gloves on !

Clothing is still a big unknown especially leg wear !

I am toying with the idea of having thermal leggings on with Montane Terra Xt’s on top ???

The past couple of nights I have had shorts on under the Terra XT’s and been toasty, but looking at the forecast the worst is still to come !

Kit is lying all over the dinning room as it gets laid out checked and prepared to be packed.

My Hardrock Mids have been dispatched from the States but not been delivered ! hey its only Tuesday.

Also waiting on a Spot Tracker to arrive that my better half has bought me to ensure my safety !!!(or to make sure I am not in the pub all weekend )

Fingers crossed that arrive and I get get it operational on time with Google Maps so that my progress (or lack of it can be followed), I doubt I will get the numbers that Petesy achieved but it will be fun to watch on return.

Sponsorship is doing OK with £160 on the just giving site and Approx £150 on the sponsorship form.

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2 thoughts on “D-Day getting closer !

  1. Looking good.

    That poor Endurance pack is going to be more under duress than you are I think by the end of it.

    As soon as you’re back I’ll need a report on the Jerky…

  2. Good luck Bobinson. I will be following your progress and look forward to reading your trip report, especially cramming all your gear into 12 litres! I would have thought an OMM Trio would help a considerable amount, in fact it would help by 4 litres!

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