Packed and ready to rock

After last minute running around and a busy day at work with meeting after meeting I finally get home to pack .

All the kit was laid out on the table to ensure nothing was forgotten.

List includes

3 dried meals

2 dried breakfasts

2 tube of Nuun

Loads of jerky

Crux lite stove and weekend solo set, spork and 12 sachets of coffee

Petzl Myo xp head torch

Adventure Medical First Aid Kit

Montane prism2 jacket and spare pair of socks

Big Agnes Pitch Pine and clearview mat

Hat and gloves


Spot tracker

Spare batteries and Petzl e lite

Montane superfly jacket and atomic Dt pants

After a couple of re packs it all was in and everything was in Logical places in the pack.

Its tight but all there.

I opted for the Omm front pouch just to keep the camera and munchies handy, the spot is in there too.

All in all 6.7kg without water ! (don’t think there will be a shortage of that !)

The forecast has changed and looks like the wind has blown itself out a bit !

Snow is still fore-casted but hey its supposed to be an adventure !

The spot is activated at the link below

Montrail Hardrock mids never made it here on time so will be in the North Face mids !

Catch you Monday for the write up !

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3 thoughts on “Packed and ready to rock

  1. i love the top photo! love that you are drinking nuun. you should try the new vitamin water they make called u, prounounced “you”. i simply don’t drink regular water anymore. =)

  2. What the fü©k?

    Is that my stockroom on your floor I see?

  3. Rob Sanderson

    so far so good your time is brilliant and the spot tracker works a treat I am checking in on the hour and I know you wont read this till after you have finished its just to let you know that we are following all the way from the nice warm pub.

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