Raft Guide Training Course

Things have been busy in what was supposed to be an empty calendar.

I was up at Dunnolly Adventures running a six day Raft Guide Training Course last week.

Perthshire is awesome at this time of year with amazing colours of trees losing their leaves

As always the weather done the opposite from what you really wanted it to do, Saturday and Sunday were clear crisp days with frost and clear skies.

I got about 3 or 4 texts from people saying “Bet you wished the weather was like this for the West Highland Way”

If only !

And of course when you want it to rain so the rivers are up what does it do ? yeah goes cold and dry !

The course involves a lot of time in the water as well as on it so dressing warm was crucial.

I had bought a new dry suit from Brookbank Perth at the start of the year and was impressed with it the few times I had worn it, Palm dry-suits had a few problems with material on their suit de-laminating, this turns out not to be rectified as I discovered after day 3 and lots of swimming !

It cant leak at a worse point that on the crotch area !

On top of that the new Palm throw bag I had bought that Saturday started to fall to bits !!!!!!!!

One thing I was happy with was that my old Namche’s are now my river boots ahh the comfort !


We ran the River Gary for a bit of change, its a scenic bit of water with a nice wee rapid just after the lunch stop bridge.

Our Raft made the rapid look a little bit harder than the boat below.


A good week and a chance to meet new people from different walks of life !

Still trying to figure out whats best hills or rivers ?????

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