WHW The Debrief

After a bit of time out I have had time to reflect on the West Highland Way trip.

Equipment wise I think I was sorted but a couple of niggles need to be resolved.

1 Gloves- I had Sugoi Bike gloves on which I love but they just were not warm enough towards the end !

2 Layers- I had a x-bionic top  and a Dale merino layer on which was fantastic apart from the X bionic top takes an age to dry out and by Tyndrum a was cold, some sort of mid layer may have to be investigated.

3 Footwear- The Montrails never arrived on time so I wore my North Face mids, not convinced these were up for the pounding that they got and I had not really wore them on a big day out (school boy error !)

My feet were fine I had no blisters and my wigwam socks came up trumphs.

I had the stove with me but never used it ! too windy,cold and wet I thought it better to keep moving !

The OMM Trio front pouch was amazing despite it being retro fitted to the Endurance, a few things struck me as I moved though

1 The non mist map case did indeed mist up !

2 The flap that protects the zip on the outside would be better if it sat the other way round so that the exposed part of the zip was facing your body and not to the elements you are walking into, this would also make it easier to stop the zip catching on it.

3 A small drain hole or mesh may be a thought so that water drains easily.

The Haglofs rugged’s were great and remained comfortable even when totally soaked.

I had a few energy bars in the side carry pouch’s on the endurance but could not get a hold of them on the sat when totally wet, I normally have no problems with it and it frustrated me !

Despite stitching the top of the piping for the chest strap it popped off again !, this wasn’t a problem thanks to the trio pouch.

A lot of people asked me why I was doing the walk on my own, I decided it would be easier as I was aware of my limitations and did not have to worry about others !

I also like being on my own !

The spot was good despite loosing a couple of pings, not sure if that was me ,it also gave a strange focus to what I was doing.

The torrent of water going down the path did not help and I could not help thinking that the Namche’s would of been a wise choice.

All in all it was great and focusing on this for March /April 09 for the revenge visit is even better.

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6 thoughts on “WHW The Debrief

  1. First of all sorry that my comment on your WHW walk reads all wrong. I wanted to say you made the right call etc considering all you where going through and stuff like that. Back to the post on kit. Those Haglofs rugged’s sound great. I just ripped holes in my Montane Terra pants falling on Helm Crag and need some new pants. But I wanted to ask are you still using the Spot in other places and how is it performing?

  2. bobinson

    I love my Terra’s but the ruggeds like all of the Haglofs kit I have used is just “moreish”
    No worries on comments !
    Have not been out due to rest up advised but yeah the spot will be out in further trips!
    Ask PTC as I think he has been out a bit more

  3. Will do. I am thinking of using a SPoT on the 09 TGO Challenge so need to know if it will do what I need it to. Like the blog a lot by the way.

  4. bobinson

    I carry it when ever I am out as a back up to the mobile !
    For the money I dont think you really can go wrong.
    Also for friends and family to follow you is a great way of keeping them involved in what you are doing !
    I do need to check and see what the lag is between the spot ping and it appearing on the map, my missus reckoned it was an hour but dont think thats right !

  5. My missus is worry, worry all the time I am away. Be good to keep her happy. Down side she will know I am on a ridge or something likly to make her worry. Where is a good place to buy the SpoT from?

  6. Bobinson

    Got mine from E bay !
    Only problem is if you ping from the pub !

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