There is a mision Imenant !

Tent testing in November !!!!!

Why yes PTC that sounds great !

– degrees cellsius and a camp above 800m to ensure good photies.

Only problem is all my light weight kit aint rated for that temp so decision time ???

Go heavy with a synthetic bag or go light with Big Agnes top bag and sleep in clothes in the hope I dont slip intyo a Hypothermic coma in the early hours of the morning !

No pressure !

Watch this space for an update on Monday ! MAYBEE !

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5 thoughts on “There is a mision Imenant !

  1. Pack warm. Just lie about the weight when you write it up…

  2. I knew it! It’s all a lie! Ha ha ha! Have fun fellas, sounds like it’ll be a blast.

  3. bobinson

    I am going light had to boost up to 25 ltrs !!!!!

  4. 25ltrs!? What did you leave behind?! The tent?! Christ man! Couldn’t ptc* lend you something more substantial?! Ha ha! Looking forward to the trip reports. We’ve had about a foot and a half of snow here. Sounds like we’ve all had a fun weekend in the snow.

  5. bobinson

    I had to take an extra sleeping bag so thats why I had to go up to 25ltrs !
    I am glad I did !

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