A day of extremes

A leisurely start saw us leaving Glasgow just after 10:30am, the Loch Lomond road was surprisingly clear as we trundled towards Arrochar.

It looked like we had missed the best of the weather as the cloud got lower and thicker as well as the light fading.

We parked at the car park opposite Succoth and started up the amazingly good new path.

It was cold but we soon started to get warm with a double layer of Merino on.

We hit the snow line just at the weir, but the track was easily identified by the neat compacted snow from all the boots before us.

Just past the boulders we bumped into the Culture & Sport Glasgow walking programme, Pat smiled and suggested that I was checking up on him.


Just at that a group of 4 passed us with Inov8 trainers and clad in Lycra running back down the hill.

I climbed up to the lochan and Julie decided she had had enough, I got the stove out for a brew and a chew on some chilli beef jerky, it amazes me how just a couple of slices kills the hunger and keeps the belly happy.

Stopping for a brew and a munch

Stopping for a brew and a munch

I was still undecided, Ben Narnain or The Cobbler or boost back down and catch up with Julie ?

I have been up the Cobbler a few times and had to retreat of the sided of Narnain twice denied of the summit.

The sky cleared and the light changed, Narnain it is.

The snow got deeper as I left the compacted path and headed up the shoulder, at that point I cursed at not putting gaiters on.

I had my Montrail Cirrus on which are a great boot for the very conditions, I love them to bits but just hate the fact that the alleged waterproof membrane is as waterproof as a kitchen colander !

The slightly heavier boot and stiffer sole lends itself so well to winter conditions.

I struggled on up the shoulder as the cloud lifted, you could see for miles in all directions with snow coated peaks sticking up every where! It really does not get any better than this.

As I arrived on the summit the sun was casting a red and orange glow across the white of the snow.

Looking over to The Cobbler and beyond

Looking over to The Cobbler and beyond

As I stopped to take a photo at the trig point the couple that had left the car park at the same time appeared from the SE side, they had headed straight up for the summit at the weir and commented on how icy it was coming through the exposed crags just before the summit.

They disappeared of the way I came up as I debated which route to go for.

I noticed at the trig point there was a flat spot with a small line of stones I pondered and thought “yes that is a perfect Triple Wire bivvy spot ” (PTC you have a lot to answer for !).

I headed of down the SE shoulder and after 5 mins found my self having a Bear Grylls moment having to down climb some very icy rocks.

Past that I dropped into knee high soft snow and looked back for a photo.

pb290170As I got back to the path at the weir I passed a few people with big boots and what looked like 60 lts packs on walking down the hill.

I chuckled and thought that they either have a big packed lunch or they had been camping !(doubt-full)

The path was frozen solid but the sole of the cirrus just bit in as I bounded back of the hill (taking a moment to debate and justify to myself why I need those Ice Bugs !)

Back at the car for 4 just as the light faded and the air got that wee bit more nippy !


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4 thoughts on “A day of extremes

  1. Alright!

    Looks brilliant, Narnain is great with snow and ice, really rugged at the top. I think I’ll have to head out tomorrow :o)

  2. looks fantastic

  3. Thanks for sharing that. Great views.

  4. bobinson

    I think a re visist to the area for a weekend would be awesome !

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