It doesnt get better than this

We managed to talk Craig from Fast & Light to come and play in the hills for the first time in 3 or 4 months.

The road up to Ben Lawers Visitors Centre was frozen and we stuck the truck into 4 wheel drive to get to  the end of the woods, from there the road was even icier so we abandoned it and decided to walk in.

We decided to take the direct route heading NE from the woods straight up the shoulder of Beinn Ghlas.

The snow was soft and patchy with varied depths catching you unawares as one minute you were walking on top of it the next up to the knees or the crotch.

Is that Mr Petsey falling over ?

Is that Mr Petsey falling over ?

There was not a cloud in the sky to be seen as we ascended, I was not feeling up to par with a mixture of burning lungs and a hint of a hangover from the office Christmas party the night before !

We stopped for a bit of lunch, building ourselves little snow seats with the snowclaw, it really is a great bit of kit and a must have if you are heading to the hills in winter.


Is that a LIM Barrier pullover in size large ?

The Team

The Team

As we packed up after lunch the wind picked up, I was going to put my gloves on but thought I wouldn’t need them, 10 mins later I had lost all feeling in my left thumb and I put my gloves and Buff on as the wind was biting and stinging any exposed flesh.

At this point I think PTC was wearing every bit of Haglofs LIM Kit that I had ordered and I looked on wishing it had arrived !


We pushed on as Craig stopped to put his Kahtoolas on again mine hadn’t arrived so I resorted to the inside edge of my boots.

The sun was setting behind the hills to our west and it was hard not to just stand and watch it disappear as it was truly an amazing sight.



Taking it all in

We topped out hiding behind the summit cornice from the wind as we fueled up for the journey down.

Despite the light fading there was still enough light to see as we bounded, bum slid and rolled our way down through the snow slopes.


The colours as we descended turned from orange to pink to purples a stark contrast to the pure blue skies we had on the way up.

A truly great day !

Lets hope we get more.

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3 thoughts on “It doesnt get better than this

  1. Ha! Yes indeed, that was quick work catching me unexpectedly eating the snow there.
    A great day oot. I’m glad we all got some good shots and came back with fingertips unfrozen.

  2. Aye, thanks for that. I was under the impression it was Helen convincing you c*nts to go out on a Saturday. Can’t believe you publicised the fact that I haven’t been in the hills since Summer. Now I’ll get lumped in with 90% of the other outdoor shops.


  3. bobinson

    Ha Ha the secret is out !
    But hey you can always get PTC and I to feedback on all the kit anyway !
    Thats the last three times I have been out on the hill and been truly gifted !
    Makes up for the West Highland Way !

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