Last Holiday Gasp

The past couple of days have seen a frenzy of activity after the sloth like behaviour of the past 3 or more weeks.
We boosted up to Arrochar the other day in the hope the cloud would break as the weather forecast said.
It didn’t and we opted for a wee tramp up and around the Brack, I put this one in the walking programme but had not done it so was keen to have a scout.
A nice walk in along the forrest path warmed us up for the steep track up to the shoulder and to the summit.
The camera batteries died as I had not charged it (plonker!) so no photies !
We had a brew and the sauntered of the hill.
Saturday was mountain biking around a few trails a mate Mark had scouted out at the back of Howwood.
A good mixture of some up hills and down left us gasping but happy despite the cold air giving us ice cream heads on the downhills !
Today (Sunday) saw an earlyish start to head to Perth to meet my mate Cam, we caught up on goings on and then headed to Pitlochry for Ben Vrackie.
We parked at the car park just after Moulin again with the hope that the forecasted break in the cloud would come.
The track up is great and I think it will be a future mountain bike run up to Loch a Choire.
The path does not mess around and pretty much goes straight up to the top.


We stopped just into the cloud for a wee breather and contemplated getting the map out to have look at how far, “It cant be far I said ” Cam replied “aye about another 20 mins probably” we were going from map memory as we struck of again.

Pacing over the small hill that we hid behind out of the wind we literally stumbled over the Trig point ” ah not far then !”

The top of Ben Vrackie

We stopped just after dropping of the summit for a munch before descending the slippy icy path.
Arriving back at the Lochan in good time and out the cold wind.

I have been carrying Kahtoola Microspikes in my bag but not used them much!


They go on easy to any footwear and give amazing traction as well as way only 411g per pair.

I guess Trail will probably have something bad to say about these as well !
We finished the day with a pint of real ale in the Moulin Inn.

Back to work tomorrow !!
Everybody say BOOOOO!

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11 thoughts on “Last Holiday Gasp

  1. bobinson

    Aye we need mare time to play !

  2. Trail say a lot about kit. They think kit is the main point and only point of an outdoor magazine some times. Like Trail to be honest, but have my times when it annoys me. Those spikes look good and make sense to me. Better than not having any crampons and ice axe like the Trail writer did last year on the cover with them smiling on a snow covered Striding Edge. I remember that and cringe when they preach big boots and 20 point crampons.

  3. That looks awfy cold to be hatless on that summit!

  4. bobinson

    Sorry dad !
    I will remember to wear my itchy balaclava next time ! (lol)

  5. More-On

    How are the Microspikes on ‘mixed’ ground? Can they cope with rocky paths that are only 50% ice for instance? And can they be removed quickly?

    They look just the thing for my Terrocs for those inbetween winter days when I won’t be front pointing in my Meindl boots.

    • bobinson

      You hardly notice that they are there !
      I thought they would be quite skitey on rock and was pleasantly suprised.
      They slip on and off in 30 seconds max, so easy you are not bothered taking them on and off in mixed terrain.
      I have not used them to run in with trainers yet.
      Bring back the cold weather !

  6. More-On

    Many thanks for that – they sound just the job.

  7. More-On

    Many thanks for that – they look just the job.

  8. bobinson

    Drop Craig at Fast and Light an e mail he will get them for you I think they are about £50 (not sure)

  9. bobinson

    Check out the video !

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