I need a new sack !

No I have not stumbled whilst crossing a barbed wire fence on one of my outings !

With all the winter kit The OMM Classic is just a wee bit tight !

So I think 35l PTC thinks 45Ltr (man size he says)

Its got to be light but at the same time have attachment points for things like crampons, axes and maybe a pair of snow shoes(watch this space if it snows !)

Another thing I like is bottle carriers and hip belt pockets !

Answers on a postcard or better still just leave a comment on here !



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7 thoughts on “I need a new sack !

  1. vorlich

    Osprey Talon 44, no question!

  2. The new Osprey Exos in either 35L or 45L look pretty interesting and very light. I’m a Jirishanca and Villain man myself but if I had to buy a new one now I’d be sorely tempted by the Exos.

  3. Wit?

    Haglöfs LIM 35. Surely.

  4. vorlich

    Craig, you’re the fast & light guy yes? I sent you a mail a while back about Haglofs mountain pant, but never heard back….

    • bobinson

      If its Ruggeds you are looking for he is sold out !
      E mail him again as he is back after a festive break.

  5. The Ruggeds are available in all-black and a new shade of green from next month I think? Haglofs spring starts in February. But I digress…

    I’ll always say the Villain, dyneema is the king of fabrics. But we need less matching kit or people will talk.

  6. bobinson

    Well that does not leave much on the market to chose from !
    The hunt goes on ! very tempted by the Lim

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