Power of the web !

I spoke to Pete from PHD today to pay for my new bag.

Bloody Visa Electron does not go through certain machines so a cheque will have to do (tried to put it on PTC account but it was maxed !)

Pete asked me if I was out for another over night-er this weekend

I replied ” err no probably a day trip, how did you know I was out ”

Yes he read the blog and I felt like a numpty as everyone seen my navigation phoopar !

Hey Ho ! I had a good time and the main thing is I was warm in my new bag.

In my mind money very well spent.

PS Pete the cheques is in the post mate !   ;0>

( is everybody in the outdoors called Pete ?)

Happy Cosy Days !

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5 thoughts on “Power of the web !

  1. No.

  2. No what ?

  3. No.

  4. Only in translation.

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