Spring is / is not in the air !

OK so its been a while !

A few reasons for the lack of updates are work and play have taken up a bit of time.

I was up at Dunolly Adventures running their staff raft guide training.

It felt so wrong to be donning a dry suit in February !

That combined with the snow rapidly disappearing and people saying how they are glad spring is here.

I personally am still not done with winter  and a heavy dump of fresh snow would seriously make me happy right now.


The air was warmish in the sun but the river was pretty full of snow-melt !

Despite having my IR powerstretch fleece romper suit on, it was still a bit nippy in the water.


Because of work denying weekend hill time we have been getting out at night during the week as PTC has been reporting.

Last week when we were out the wind had a nip to it and gloves were worn.

I also had one of the new OMM packs on which was a great wee bit of kit.

Sunday was spent at Mugdock taking groups for archery, in the afternoon the showers were wintry and the thought of “yes here comes the snow again ” passed through my mind.

Back on the river next Saturday with a wee hope that Sunday might see a trip to higher ground.

Fingers crossed !

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4 thoughts on “Spring is / is not in the air !

  1. Aye, don’t get too comfy in that water.
    We have missions.

  2. Hey
    Thanks for the offer of the poles (you left a comment on my blog). I got some last week – Leki Carbonlite Antishock, pretty good.
    Anyway, what i need now is a new digital camera. My own one gave up last week and it’s still under warranty so i’m getting a refund and buying a new one (apparently my current one is already ‘old’!!). Will have about £150-£180 to spend, any thoughts?

  3. I have one of the Olympus waterproof shock proof compacts.
    That way you dont have to worry about it in your pocket etc.
    They have brought out a new version http://www.olympus.co.uk/consumer/29_digital_camera_mju_tough-8000_20624.htm not sure on price.

  4. Happy days the snow is back for a short while and I am rafting !!!!! Typical !
    Might have to sneak a wee oot on Sunday !

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