Post Idle

Its not the fact I have not been doing anything that has stopped me posting and updating the blog !

More an enthusiasm and priority list !

Whilst PTC has been out enjoying himself in the last of winter I have been stuck in the office thrashing out structures and ensuring budgets have been spent to their full potential !

That date PTC decided to go out, my gear was in the car and a half day was on the cards, a meeting I was intending to dodge was a “must attend” at 2pm.

That “must attend meeting” lasted a great 10 mins.

I was raging ! not helped by the photo messages by Mr PTC himself of snow, blue skies and sunsets.

Its amazing that this in the days of old would have never have bothered me but now I have this re kindled desire to be in the mountains, especially in winter.

I contemplate if this is gear related or just a seasonal attitude.


Its funny one week you are out running in fresh snow on Eaglesham Moor next you are floating down snow melt in Perthshire !


One thing I have started to question is leg wear !

To cold for shorts but not right for trousers like Haglofs ruggeds or the like.

I wore Salomon Raid tights as you can see on Eaglesham Moor when the snow was down, but there is something not right ! apart from the fact the lower leg rotates round and the mesh that is supposed to be at the back of your knees ends up keeping the inside of your knee cool !

Besides that is the whole thing about a fat bloke in Lycra !

So what is the middle ground ?

It needs to be tight enough that its not a mountain trouser but is not Lycra 100m sprinter tight !

I don’t know what the solution is but the closest I have come is the Montane Terra pant, OK it lacks the stretch but the cut is so right, even on the bike.

I am also still playing around with foot wear !

The Montrail Hardrock Mids that I thought was the answer to my dreams ( a waterproof Namche) have gradually fallen apart round my feet.

upon e mailing Montrail they said to speak to Beta Climbing Designs 2 weeks later despite calls and e mails I have not heard anything !

Funny thing is 6 months after the shoe was released it has been re designed to look like this.


Which in my mind looks like a better shoe learning from all the things that was wrong with the ones I have.

One thing for sure is that old thing of the reliable Montrail fit seems to have changed.

I think there is plenty of room in the fore foot / toe box but from there back the shoe is way narrower than the original Namche Etc.

This I think is what is causing me problems with the new shoes.

PTC is wearing his a bit more so we will see how thing develop.

There is a few missions in the pipeline as well as looking for a lightweight 1 man tent.

The 3 wire is great but in winter there is no way of getting away from the joy of a porch to cook in.

Again it looks like spring outside but a prayer to mother nature for an extended winter wont go a miss !

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8 thoughts on “Post Idle

  1. If we’d known that the meeting was so short, you could have been there easy, I sat on the summit for about an hour and a half waiting for that sunset.

    Oddly, I had my Ruggeds on and they were good on the day for me as I used the vents on the way up and the windproofness was good when I was sitting around sending you picture messages on the summit.

    Middle ground though, Kazoo’s, Terra Stretch’s maybe? It’s a pocket thing as well for me, I actually use the pockets on trousers.

    Missions, aye. Very soon indeed.

  2. I have a pair of Patagonia’s Traverse troos. Like stretchy technical trackies! So light. A bit like Kazoos I think. Just warm enough and not indecent like my running tights. I also have a pair of Norheim cross country skiing troos. Fitted but no way skin-tight stretchy softshells. Both are good alternatives to hearty winter ‘pants’. I think we’ve turned a corner here season-wise. Spring is in the air although it’s still snowy goodness above 400m.

  3. More-On

    Good to have you back.

    I’m with you all the way on the lycra front. I used to have nothing but lycra shorts and tights for cycling, but have recently reverted to Ronhill Bikesters. On the hill is something I haven’t nailed yet though!

    Keep us updated on the search for a tent. If you ‘journey’ is as long and convoluted as mine was it wil make great reading. I suppose the big question is how much money you have. That is what ultimately swung it for me.

  4. Aye Holdfast I had thought about the Kazoos

    Cheers Holdfast I too was of the Ronhill faternity way back !

    Money to honest is not the factor if the kit is right so the hunt is on.

    I had a wee peak at the MSR Range which I fancy and the bonus is you dont see that many of them about unlike Laser comps.

    Will have a wee look at Norheim

  5. Good luck finding anything out about the elusive Norheim brand Bobinson! Every sport/outdoor shop over here sells the products, along with the other local brands like Norrona and Bergans of Norway but I’ve never found a website for the brand. How weird is that in today’s world?! None of the swing tags or labels have any info on the brand. Maybe if you know someone with contacts on the inside of the outdoor clothing industry you could get them to find out…..

    Right, who’s going to win the ‘Wearing shorts in the hills the earliest’ competition?

  6. As he types on the keys wearing his shorts and contemplating a wee oot this weekend !

  7. Holdfast you are right !
    Google just comes up with the history of Telmark turns etc (very interesting)
    But no clothing apart from a North Face jacket !

  8. I’m not going near a hill this weekend with a man in shorts.

    Help ma’ Boab!

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