Kit Conundrum !

As I sit here with kit strewn across the floor I debate a few choices.

One ! Do I go for the Big Agnes Pitchpine top bag and clearview or take the clearview with the PHD and be a sweaty mess by morning.

Metcheck says that it is going to be 4 degrees Celsius on the tops tomorrow night, this is the same Metcheck that said the weather was not as bad as the other forecasts said it would be  when I done attempt number 1 on the West Highland Way !

PTC is on his way back up from the Lakes with a few  Haglofs goodies that will hopefully make the tricky transition from winter to spring a bit easier !

I have toyed with an in between purchase from the PHD sale to bridge the gap between the PHD Minim 500 and the Big Agnes Pitchpine.

A Minim 300 may do the job but is it over kill ??????????

The forecast is hopefully good for an elusive sunset/sunrise combo to start the weekend.

I would be happy with one or the other !

Snowy Sunsets

Its only right to be sitting on the hill saying goodbye to the winter sun and saying hello to the spring summer !

We will see.

Meanwhile footwear is another dilemma !

Gone are the days I had one set of kit that done all which done away with all this nonsense !

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3 thoughts on “Kit Conundrum !

  1. Choices are good. Kit is good. Walking even better. What ever choice you make it will still lead to a walk. So it is a good choice.

  2. Its the whole thing of potentially sleeping in other layers or just climbing into my PHD bag !
    The joy of the pitchpine and clearview going tiny into the bag is great too.
    I am taking The Big Agnes SL1 back out again !

    I am now starting to feel like PTC !

    I scrutinise kit instead of just buying on impulse and wearing it till I find out how or where it works best !

  3. Aye, choices indeed.
    Have your feet heated up :o)

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