On the bike again

I decided to brush of the cobwebs for a bit of alternative training on the bike.

I headed for Cathkin Braes as its local and I wanted to see what the progress was after the Public Consultation meeting the other week.

The plan is to put a graded bike route around and in the park, these will have various loops of various skill levels that can be linked together to give a reasonable distance.

The next phase after that is to then showcase a few events and then build the track for the Commonwealth Games.

Exciting times for Glasgow.

It was sunny but cold so I stuck on the Kazoos that PTC had so kindly picked up for me when he was on his mighty gear marathon.

I headed out following a bit of partly built new path this ending into the faint hint of a track that has been cut in the grass to aid planning the routes.

It was a cold wind and I was amazed at how bike unfit I was despite other training and foray’s into the hills.

The Kazoos functioned great as I splashed through the mud.

The tracks that were there have benefited from a bit of branch clearing making it a bit more enjoyable.

The views across Glasgow are great and I could see all the way over to the Kilpatricks.

I contemplated if PTC was up there on the training loop in the mud.

All in all a great wee location for an after work bike and I look forward to the new tracks and obstacles going in that should make it a wee bit more interesting and faster to ride.

Matallica play at the SECC tonight, I was too slow getting tickets ! HARRUMPH !

A manic weekend of work on the water is on the cards despite the snow and cold winds.

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4 thoughts on “On the bike again

  1. I did leave the house today for the first time since Sunday (I’ve had a bug, the description is ears only…), but not on the bike. Soon though for that stuff I think.

    Aye, the Kazoo’s are the way forward then.

  2. I haven’t even had the heart to look my bike in the eyes since I left her in the garage last September. She’ll get her own back on our first date of 2009 by reminding me that walking/running muscles are completely separate to riding muscles.

  3. More-On

    Having just ridden in to work I have to second the above – my colleagues were left wondering what the wheezing lump in the corner was.

    As an aside I wouldn’t worry about the tickets – they haven’t been the same since the third album!

  4. Aye you cant beat The Master of puppets album!
    The new stuff is alright.

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