Motivation Breakdown

Spring school holidays just appeared from no where, well i say that but I knew they were coming but with the end of the financial year with under spends, reconciliations and sorting trailers it just creep-ed up and jumped out !

Thanks to the DVLA changing the rules I have to tow the trailer around Glasgow as the other instructors are too young to have the right entitlement on their license.

This is going to be a big problem for the industry in a few years time when all us crusties retire and no one can drive mini buses or tow trailers.

The hustle and bustle takes it toll on the mind as well as the nagging negativity of the Glen Affric defeat with PTC and Sandy.

I don’t know why the Glen Affric defeat weighs so heavy on my mind but as I was copying the links I was looking at PTC’s photo of Sandy burning his fingers and I can see the positive of the trip (sorry Sandy!)

We always say its about getting out and not getting to the top and its true, its about the memories and having good banter with your mates or when you are solo about the space and the quality time outdoors and leaving suburbia behind.

Glen Affric

Every day finishing work my body was saying yeah lets get oot and do something but my mind was saying nah sack it we are gubbed !

I managed a wee cycle along the canal tow path and a wee jaunt up at Muirsheil but nothing of significance.

The wee oots I guess maintained a status quo of sanity!

I managed to pick up some bargains of Haglofs kit too, including a Genius 12 tent.

Its not the lightest of beasts but I think it will come into its own in the winter.

My kit drawer is starting to look like the Intense page in the Haglofs web page, but to honest with you I just cant see past it as its that good.

So with hours in hand I have taken time off and the forecast is predictably changeable (as I type this the rain is battering of the window).

So time to pack and if all is good I will have another 4 Munro’s under my belt by Wednesday and my Karma will be re balanced.

Failing that I will have something interesting to write up any way instead of the ramblings above !



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One thought on “Motivation Breakdown

  1. Well, the SPoT pings have been coming in from some fine locations, let’s be seeing those photies!

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