Fox and Hare

Its been a funny few days !

We were up north in Perthshire last week with a group from The Nautical College.

A really nice group to work with despite the weather and the snow on the hills !

It was all too good to be true and then we had hassles with the last morning just before the group was leaving thanks to a few drunk regulars invading the accommodation.

Usual you try and help a mate and it comes back and bites you in the arse.

So there was angry calls all round with me stuck in the middle whilst at the same time sitting in Tiso with PTC and Craig from Fast and Light.

This disrupted the Top Secret “Educate the masses with our beliefs” brainstorming meeting.

Then another mate dropped me in it by text, saying he had double booked and could not help me this weekend !

In the end it all came right as the numbers had dropped and I did not need him after all !

So a stress buster was called for and the Kilpatricks in the sun was in choice.

Not on foot but bikes, I say not on foot but Craig decided (his bike is bust ) that he would run with us !


We slogged up the hill finally giving up and having to push as a group of guys effortlessly passed us on bikes and then disappeared onto the bare hill.

We caught up with Craig at the top as the wind hammered us and cooled the sweat from the climb.

We passed loch Humphrey climbing the stile and pushed/ rode the muddy path till we hit he new one in the woods.

Still not finished it gave some challenging surfaces to ride on and Craig had to focus hard dancing from one rock to another.

We exited the trees to be greeted by an amazing skyline looking North passed Ben Lomond.


The fun bit was to come to the icing on the cake !

The down hill single track was truly smile stretching as we picked our way down the track thanking the inventor of full suspension as it soaks up all my bad lines and riding skills.


Craig amazingly was not that far behind and for a man that has just run 10 odd km’s he was just smiling too much for my liking !


After terrorising some ladies out running we hit the tarmac and sped down the hill with the distinctive noise of knobbly tyres disappearing away on tarmac (sorry asphalt !).


After stopping at the petrol station for some healthy snacks, we headed back to the cars.

We all agreed it was a good way to wash away the woes of work and re balance the soul.

Well done us !

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5 thoughts on “Fox and Hare

  1. Well done us indeed.

    Here, that old guy on the magnolia coloured bike has got a lot of fingers on those brake levers.

  2. Far too many smiles. You guys weren’t trying hard enough! 😉

  3. Seriously how fit is that Craig? I have visions of a man with a determined look on his face closing the gap on you and PTC* no matter how fast you pedal…a bit like the scene in Terminator 2 when Robert Patrick chases after the Arnie and the Conners

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