New Toys

Got a few new bits of kit coming soon !

I have ordered a Suunto Core as my Techtrail has seen better days and has suffered from the typical strap failure.

It looks like a good bit of kit and even tells the time !

Also as its getting warmer (but not warm enough for the Big Agnes Pitchpine) I have ordered up a minimus from PHD with 900 down fill in it.

I opted for the short but wide bag to experiment with the shape as my 500 is standard and has a wee bit extra that I have to pull up to get my feet in to the foot section.

All I need now for them to arrive and then find the time to get out and see how they go !

When you go into Tiso in Glasgow you get the feeling that nothing really is moving forward in the Kit department.

It all is happening with the wee independents selling small amounts of great bits of kit.

Hopefully the economic climate wont put an end to these guys.

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5 thoughts on “New Toys

  1. chrishighcock

    Very true. I was complaining to a guy in Tiso Edinburgh last week that their range was crap. He told me that they had focussed their range on family camping this year because their market research was that lots of people wold be saving money by going on camping holidays. So the place is full of crap tents and you can’t find a decent windproof as a birthday present for your girlfriend (for example!)

    There are no decent shops now. Most of my stuff comes via mail order or from running shops.

  2. I guess the big shops need to go with the “trends”.
    Online is the way forward if you know what size you are looking for.

  3. When’s testing time? Afore or after you’re awa’?

  4. For the Suunto it will be during hopefully.
    Still waiting for the mutant sized bag.
    Perhaps Pete at PHD has decided not to make it as its not right !

  5. Kev

    I was in Braemar Mountain Sports at the w/e and there was loads of really good kit. It’s a nice wee shop that. Tiso OTOH have been rubbish for some time now.

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