All work no play !

When you look at certain blogs and chat to certain people it appears that everybody is suffering from the above !

In some ways it is a good a thing that we are lucky and the recession has not hit us yet !

On the other hand it sucks as there is no play time !

I decided to redress the balance and go out on my bike.

Despite the heat I packed the truck after work and 10 mins later was on the Eaglesham Moor.

As I biked up the usuall track I decided to explore the left branch from the gate, I had always looked at it on the map but not bothered to have a look as it appears to come to a dead end.

The main track dies away at some recently planted native trees which give a welcome break from the regimented rows of pine.

Their is a faint track that continues on so I followed that as water poured out me in the heat and flies swarmed around me.

Despite the dry weather there was still a few patches that were still really soft giving some tricky lines to attempt to ride.

The grassy ground just sucked all the momentum out the bike and at one point I gave up and pushed a few hundred metres.

The faint path follows the Munzie Burn giving interesting terrain.

A short down hill of nice single track seen me joining the usual track just before the gate that is padlocked.


The going was a bit easier on the hard pack of the track with some of the downhill undulations giving a pleasant free wheel.


Interestingly when I got to the end of the track things had changed !

Instead of the big piles of boulders that you normally have to scramble over to get onto the wind farm road there was i nice ramp which you could simply ride up !

I done a wee loop round the turbines, listening to the woosh of the blades as I passed.

I don’t find them offensive and some ways like them !


After the loop I returned to the top of the track and had a look at the sign.


Its refreshing to see that they are embracing access and not hindering it like before.

I descended the track and back to the truck just as the rain shower started.

I was wearing a Dale Merino short sleeve top which done an amazing job of wicking the sweat away as did the Montane liner bike shorts (which they don’t make any more !BOOO!)

Its a whole different kit choice choosing what to wear in this heat and I guess its something we may have to get use to.

I could not help picture myself sliding along that wee track on a set of nordic ski’s or stomping along soft snow drifts with the snow shoes on !

Bring on winter !!??? is that wrong ?

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One thought on “All work no play !

  1. Aye, I’ll need to venture south of the river at some point and see this stuff.

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