Its Ben Lomond folks but not as we know it !

A text message came in this week saying ” what are your movements this week ”

The reply to PTC was “work work having a cuppa at Tiso with you and work ”

The reply was simple “Gay !”

Then the 2 text rule kicked in and I phoned rather than going through the whole text rigmarole !

The discussion was thrown about around the alternative route to the top of Ben Lomond that PTC had to do for Trail.

This had been a point of much discussion and even some intricate drawing on napkins in Tiso cafe.

So it was on !

The Z was in then out due to the overwhelming stack of Admin he had !

That left 2 !

I tended to my work duties and then boosted to PTC HQ,after a quick breakfast stop we were on the road.

After some interesting driving we arrived at the usuall car park, and after a quick application of sun screen we were off.

The sudden steepness of the Ptarmigan route hits you right in the lungs, combined with heat and several weeks of work induced apathy and that puts you in bad shape and for me a sweaty mess !


It had been a fair few months since I had been up this path and was taken aback by the lush green colours on offer.

The odd stop to take in the view was called for as we paced on up the now well trodden path.


We stopped at the tarn at 357 023 to take the classic pic.


We dropped off the path at 363 030 and traversed round the back of the summit trying to maintain height whilst following some faint sheep tracks through the tussocks of grass.


As we traversed round we were constantly quizzing each other on hills features lochs etc

On reaching 373 031 we crossed the stream and the un seen corrie opened up to us !

It was like you had been let into a toy shop pre launch of the latest coolest toy for Christmas !


Much banter and scanning of gullies etc was had !

Its July but many thoughts were propelled forward to winter and the offerings that this unseen corrie could offer !

We pushed on to the bottom of the ridge, the wind was picking up and wind-shirts  were put on to shield us from the blustery buffeting.


No doubt about it the going was “sporty” giving many opportunities to stop and enjoy the vista north !

Even to the point where we were like hey there is Arran and hey there is Ben Nevis !

You really cant help getting passionate about Scotland when you do this !

The last top of the ridge brings you to the tourist path.


You try hard to avoid it but you have to admit defeat and trot along it to reach the summit trig point !

I just had to eat when I was there despite the clock ticking against our favour for prior in conveniences (work ).

We took of back down Ptarmigan overtaking gumbies falling about on the steeper sections with much hilarity !

My legs were saying they had nothing left !

Then the fuel from the top started kicking in and we moved faster and faster over the terrain to the point where walking was not efficient !

This builds into a trot to a jog to a run !

Before you know it you have Z’s voice in your head saying “Heel Strike, That just stops you !” you check you en grained technique and become fluid and efficient again as you bound down the hill stopping to check on each other and sup down some NUUN.


The gryptonite sole on the Montrail Continental Divides does not fail you, but the high heel pad is very unstable on rough terrain !

40 mins later and we are at the car park reality kicks in as some weedgie comments on how another fellow weedge has eaten all the sandwiches !

Joy !

On the road and as usuall all the slow traffic is in front of us !

Ach well it makes it bearable when you just had the views we had !

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4 thoughts on “Its Ben Lomond folks but not as we know it !

  1. Cool!
    Must’ve brought much joy cos I counted at least 24 exclamation marks!! in your posting.

  2. exclamation marks are good !

  3. “You really cant help getting passionate about Scotland when you do this !”


  4. Alright!

    It really was a good one that.
    Looking forward to going back round there to explore some more.

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