Are we there yet !

A week and a half of the holiday programme left and then we are back to some kind of normality !

Its been a busy few weeks, the weather has been changeable from hot to wet.

This has made life difficult in its own different ways.

Rain has made the gorges high making every trip an adventure not just for clients but the instructors as well.

Its good though as it keeps you on your toes and saves you getting bored with the same old !


Its been a godsend to be doing some activities, as it breaks up the “ground hog day” like mundane of towing the trailer to parks, unloading and then going to do the reverse at the end of the day.

I had a wee group rafting and cliff jumping at Calvine gorge last week.

2 of the folks were getting married and the other 2 were best man and brides maid.

P7240209It was nice not be constrained by timings and just have a good old childish  time doing slides and high jumps.

The group were dressed in some very different types of kit.


All was good and as I passed Blair Atholl on the way down the A9 my thoughts drifted to snowy memories on Carn Liath and the un-finished business of Beinn A Ghlo.


When I got home I had wee look at PTC‘s blog and there he was hankering after winter too !

I dunno what it is, the lack of midges, shorter days and more gear to play with?

Any way I have an orange LIM jacket on its way and a Gold PHD bag sitting unused.

The Wan dae is coming up in Sept and a WHW bike mission hopefully in Oct so I having something to focus on training wise.

Just need to find the time !

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