Glen Loin Loons !

With the impending doom of the “wan Dae” and only five weeks till the WHW*Falldoon mission/event /race it was time to get oot for a bit longer on the bike.

We choose a peach of a route that we had walked a while ago out of Arrochar and up round Glen Loin.

Although mostly on forestry track the sea level start out of Arrochar offers a chest busting start to the ride, of which I got off and pushed while PTC spun on all the way to the top of the hill !

The highest point is at 305m which is 8.5km in to the route (the math wise can work out the average gradient and post it !)

It has to be said that the gusty wind blowing in our faces did not help the cause just when you thought you were going to get some respite !


At this point the tracks are good, wide and relatively hard packed but we knew there was more to come.

After a tricky ford crossing of the Allt Coiregrogain and a bit of uphill we stopped at the gate to re hydrate and munch a Honey Stinger protein bar.

I am not a big eater when out and about and one of those bars would keep me going all day !


After a bit of Nuun we set off dodging bulls and young coos, drain run offs and the expanse of loose chuckies designed to send the back wheel flying at any time.


After Coiregrogain you leave the main track and hit single track joy in the woods.

As we spun through the undulating terrain you get a different vibe from the ground and surrounding hills.

The bracken is high and the wind has blown some of it over onto the track so route choice some times is “on the force basis ” loose boulders and ruts make for a great wee ride getting the brain thinking double time and the body balancing the bike out.

Full sus is great but the rider still has to make decisions.


I had a wee play in a ford which I initially took the bridge but then whent back to look at  as it looked rideable.

PTC took some pics on multi-shot resulting in some amazing shots.

The Olympus is great as its waterproof, shock proof etc but you do lose out on the versatility of settings that a camera like PTC’s has.

After 2hrs 43 mins we had completed 18.6km including stops.

Average speed 6.83km/hr and a top speed of 48km/hr.

Probably not hardcore MB’ing but hey we had fun.

I had the Haglofs Ace M on my back for the first time, PTC had managed to persuade Haglofs to part with a few for the WHW*Fall doon mission.


Its muddy now  straight out the bag, that’s the way it should be !

What I will say is it may give my beloved Endurance a run for its money.


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4 thoughts on “Glen Loin Loons !

  1. A fine looking bike you have there. German brand ??

  2. Nice article with interesting informations! 🙂

  3. I’m sure those tracks look steeper from the saddle :o)

  4. It is indeed German.
    Cube reduced the price of a very well set up bike to try and get into the UK Market.
    I happened to be looking at the right time and Neil from Glasgow Cycles looked after me.
    Aye PTC they certainly did, Helmet cam investigations.

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