With everything going on I forgot to say happy birthday to the blog.

On the 2nd of Sept I started my ramblings about the West Highland Way.

The blog has morphed slightly into a diary of adventures with a sprinkling of kit used thrown in.

I am not sure what direction it will go in the next 12 months but be assured there is some actuall interesting stuff coming up.

The Wan dae is next week

The WHW Fall*doon is very soon

And also a wee trip to Australia in December.

Not to mention the usual hill and river trips scattered in between.

Stay tuned kids !

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5 thoughts on “OOOPS !

  1. Bobinson, what is this WHW Fall Doon you and Pete keep mentioning?

  2. My my time has gone quick. Keep it coming.

  3. My dad’s birthday on 2nd September too… happy birthday blog!
    Blogs are great… who cares what direction they take, it’s up to the writer/author/owner/bletherer where they want to take it… but keep it up, i like reading of peoples joy (and sometimes misery), success and mishaps and the photies too!! Of course, I’m still waiting on a pic of this golden sleeping bag!!

  4. Jamie its a race with PTC and I on bikes, Craig and 1 other on foot and another chosen 2 on road bikes, the route is Fort Bill to Glasgow on a certain well known footpath (apart from the roadies!)

    Martin Cheers I hope to do that and make it a wee bit more interesting !

    Ange cheers the golden bag will be soon

  5. Well, I had a cake to celebrate.
    I like cake.

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