6Feet 4 wheels !

Finally a spare day in the weekend !

Craig had text during the week to see if I was up for a training trip back to Arrochar and on the same loop at glen Loin PTC and I had done a few weeks ago.

Craig was on foot and we were on the bikes, PTC’s bike was running a few more mods on it since the last time and a few grams lighter.

We set off and started the climb from sea level and on reaching the first dog leg the 2 bikes stopped for a rest and some liquid.

This stop seen Craig pass us in good condition.

I managed to catch him up a bit on the ascent but at this point in time had run out of easy gears and was trying to keep the bike moving as my legs burned.

There was a flat bit of track that allowed me to pass Craig but as I came round the corner thinking the worst was over I was greeted by another climb.

My heart sank but I was determined not to get off and push like I had done the time before.

Head down and tuned out to the sight of the hill I spun on finally reaching the flat at the highest point.

The sun was roasting us as sweat poured from my head, thank god for Nuun.

PTC was not far behind and the 2 of us did not even talk as we caught our breaths.

Feel the burn

Feel the burn

Craig again passed us in his own wee world


I finally caught up with him at the river crossing, he was bored waiting for us and was leaving us a sign on the track to say had gone on.

PTC arrived and we had another break.

The water in the pool was looking good and I was fried in a Sugoi bike top and a mid weight energizer top.

The Sugoi top got packed into the rucksack and Iwent for a wee dip to cool down.

As seen here

Just downstream of the small dam there is a dryish river bed which makes interesting riding.

I cleaned it last time to my surprise (&PTC’s I think)

No pressure but I rode it again with no hassle and stopped to get a picture of PTC crossing it.

He stopped before it which meant he would have to go back up the hill a bit to give him time to get settled into his pedals.

As you can see I dont think he was bothered about that

This is a mountain bikers signal for " I will ride it next time "

This is a mountain bikers signal for " I will ride it next time "

The fast bit from the river to the Loch Sloy road is tricky in bits and very entertaining in others.

This gave us an opportunity to get the bikes rolling at over 30mph at one point.

Again meeting Craig who was waiting with video camera at the gate for the single track back to Arrochar.


On the technical terrain there is not much between the bike and foot and we pretty much kept each other in sight when there was no hills in the way.




Back to Arrochar we loaded up and the visited the Wummin in the windae for butties and coffee.

Revived we headed back to the truck and hit the road.


I was surprised that the gap was not bigger between us which is going to make the WHW*Fall doon an exciting race, challenge,mission, expedition, race type thingy.

More importantly a good day out with some good banter.

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5 thoughts on “6Feet 4 wheels !

  1. Dad’s looking a bit tentative coming up that ascent a couple of photies above.

  2. More-On

    Great photos – it’s always good to get the other side of the story 🙂

    I look forward to the report on the event itself.

  3. A great account of the day.

    The gap will be bigger on the Falldoon because where your bikes will carry you some of the way, giving you respite, we will suffer from physical degradation the whole time.

    That pic of PTC* is excellent.

  4. Great story!
    Are there first aiders on stand by on the route?… 🙂
    I’m kidding, you’s will be fine i’m sure.

  5. Its going to be great banter thats for sure !

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