As he says !

Another training ride and for me a wee change from the Eaglesham Moor.

Only problem being some wise-ass has decided to re surface the Erskine Bridge.

This left me sitting in traffic for 20 mins which in turn meant we ended up late on heading oot.

Wi the nights fair drawing in ! we headed up the slog of an ascent from Old Kilpatrick.

PTC setting a fast pace and still with gears to play with !


On reaching the top we were greeted with an amazing view of the Clyde, tide out and sun setting.


We took a few photies as the sun was causing inversions in the wispy cloud.


On and upwards slightly and then off the big track onto soft boggy ground despite the dry weather.

We spun through the forest till we reached the firebreak and then descended into the gloom.

On the other side there was light and also the downhill we had bribed our heads with on the climb up!


A quick rehydration and we were off.

Despite the low light we took off reacting to the mounds, ruts and rocks on the track.

At one point I did think I was dangerously close to PTC for the speed we were doing.

I will always say it for this stretch that you can be in the foulest mood till you get to the top of this track and by the bottom you have a grin that the Cheshire Cat would be proud of !

Onto the road we free wheeled to the BP station for Coffee and then back to Bowling, as we did so we did note the distinct coolness in the air.

Aye the seasons are changing before our eyes.

Wan Dae tomorrow so early to bed and time to put the miles to test.

I think this will be good for the mind as we should cover approx 50 miles over the Pentlands.

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