Friday Fun

With it being a public holiday I had the day off work, despite voice mails left on peoples phone nobody was coming to play.

I had been out for a few short rides this week just to loosen the legs up a bit and by this morning all was good.

Whilst having morning coffee I was distracted by all the info on Crossfit Endurance site that Craig had put me onto.

There is a lot of good info on there and appears to make sense when you have a think about it.

I was in danger of just spending all day sat in front of the computer as the wind blew and smattering of drizzle flew against the window.

NO !

Cant waste a day off.

I was changed with kit and the bike in the truck within 15 mins.

On the road there was the usual mix of numpties driving in the outside lane stupidly slow and others who apparently did not know what a white line was for.

By 12 noon I was parked at Loch Chon an on the move.

The route I had chosen was from Trail ages ago but I had put off doing it as it was 32km long and in fairly exposed hillside.

In the article there did not look like the ascents were punishing but I soon changed my mind as I headed up the track from Blairuskinmore to Stronmacnair.

I pushed on almost following the line of pylons through Gleann Dubh and then enjoying a bit of downhill to let the legs recover.

This was to be short lived as you head right through the gate Comer and more steep climbing to be done.

The track finally turns away from the pylons and I could see the back end of Ben Lomond where PTC and I had explored a while back.


It had taken an hour to cover 10km, the wind as usual was in my face making even the downhills require pedalling.


The track snaked off into the distance and over the ridge in the distance.


Another 20 mins got me to the ridge, where I should have been greeted by a spectacular view of Loch Lomond and beyond.

Sadly not today as the cloud had closed in.


I was about to go from 360 m to 18.9m in the space of 2km which took me just under 10 minutes and a lot of material off my brake pads.

The track was rocky and had a few switchbacks which got the old brain into gear and the technique was coming back by the end.

When I stopped at Cailness Cottage there was a distinct smell of hot brakes.

I was now faced with the joy of 3km of technical single track and an awful lot of carrying the bike over rocks.

I had forgotten what this was like and thought that this may break us on the Fall*Doon.

I stopped for a wee break in a nice wee spot whilst the sun was shinning and the headed off again on foot with my bike slung over the shoulder.

Must remember tu pull my belly in before the timer go's off !

Must remember to pull my belly in before the timer go's off !

I reached Inversnaid just after 2pm and topped up my water bottle and checked the route back to Loch Chon.

It was all tarmac !

The other joy was the climb out of Inversnaid back onto the hill at the head of Loch Arklet.

I felt good and just got the head down and covered the ground reasonably quickly.

From the side of Loch Arklet I took a left at the B829 and continued on the undulating ground stopping once for a wee photie.

Honest its a moody shot ! the focus was supposed to be on the grass !

Honest its a moody shot ! the focus was supposed to be on the grass !

I arrived back at the truck at 3pm

According to Trail it was a 5 hour ride, guess they have to exercise a bit of caution for the good of the general public.

It was agood ride but if I was to do it again I would go round the other side of Loch Chon on the forestry track instead of dodging tractors and middle of the road tourists ans scone munchers.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. Never mind the cloud it looked a fine ride. I looked at some Cube bikes the other day as well. Nice bikes indeed:)

  2. They are a well thought out bike with good components ! as far as I am to beleive.
    They do some nice road bikes too !
    Whats happening in your world Martin ?
    Will pop across to your blog as its been a while

  3. I must have a shot of this trail. After the WHW right enough…

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