Blacker than black

We were out late last night due to work commitments and the potential need to do some night riding just to get our eyes in for the Fall*doon.

Craig as ever was on foot and PTC and I were on the bike.

We were on familiar ground as we started the ascent from old Kilpatrick, PTC having the joystick light mounted on his helmet was the only light we needed at this point as the glow from Glasgow and the surrounding suburbs casted an orange glow.


The big lights went on as we were close to the top of the hill giving us a tunnel light view of the world.

We slid through the soft ground to the Loch Humphrey stile, surprised that it was so wet.

Over the stile(or through the large gap in the fence now) we were greeted by the new path, or at least the makings of  the new path.

We stopped to adjust PTC light as it wasnt quite giving him the beam he wanted.

We set off on the freshly scraped track and the going was firm and good, then suddenly it became a greasy mess and we were sliding all over the place trying to keep the momentum up as the mud gripped like blue tac around the tyres.

The track surface at the moment changes within meters which keeps you on your toes, it will be good when it’s finished but in some ways will detract from the enjoyable wee single track that it was.

We spun on with the soft ground still stealing all the momentum so constant pedalling was called for.

A dog leg to the left and up the hill saw PTC out the saddle humphing on giving his all.

We took the firebreak short cut to the top of the downhill section, strangely enough we walk this in the day light but I managed to pick a line through despite the dad in PTC coming out in the saying “You will have your eye out !” I was wearing safety specs !

Through the gate we were on the downhill which starts with a wee gully, the track in the gully is deep in narrow and PTC rode on the side of the gully dabbing his feet.

The last time we rode this I cleaned it and was happy to do so again, right up till I tried to move my weight back and my shorts got caught.

The forks compressed and before I knew it I face planted into the ground.

My visor on my helmet was hanging off as I approached PTC at the end of the gully.

He helped me correct my side ways pointing light and we were back on track.

Again the ground was soft and some of the patches of mud super greasy.

I shouted a warning to PTC about a bad path but I think it was lost as I was facing forward concentrating on my own line.

Next thing the oomph came from the distance, I shouted back are you awright” the answer came back in a murmur ” awe”

PTC had taken a diver into the bracken.

We stopped not long after that and played with cameras to try and get some pics.


It’s at this point the Olympus for all its compactness and ruggedness lets itself down with a lack of ability to tinker with settings.


We got onto the road and coasted down to the main road, stopping at the BP garage.

There was no sign of Craig, I assumed that he had gone on back to car fed up waiting for us.

We had a coffee and low and behold Craig came trotting across the courtyard, he had taken a wrong turn and then waited for us.

Ach well it was a good one as always, back home at midnight seen me knackered this morning as I got up and cleaned the bike before breakfast.

Yawn !

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4 thoughts on “Blacker than black

  1. My money is on that Craig to win this WHW run/bike trip. I am looking forward to following the whole tail. As for riding in the dark. Well that is just mad. A fun mad mind you.

  2. backpackbrewer

    blimey you guys certainly test yourselves…..I have trouble staying on my bike going downhill in the daylight


  3. Riding at night is great, it feels faster as you’re looking at a pool of light with the scenery flashing through it.
    It does help when you know the trail though…

    Craig will win. Me and Phil will be sitting having dinner somewhere contemplating our navels and he’ll run past us with a crazy look in his eye and we”ll find him at the finsh (start?) pillar in Milngavie with his arms welded around it.

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