Oot and Aboot

Over the past week I have been trying to get out on the bike as much as possible in the build up to the WHW*Falldoon.

It has taken me to different places, some in the dark and some in the day.

The night rides have been on the Kilpatricks with PTC, Craig and Ian joined us the other night to run the same route.

The track changes from landrover track to just being built track in a short distance which keeps you on your toes.

The wee Olympus camera is great for quick shots but just lacks the adjustibilty to get good night time shots.


Ptc and I have both been using Exposure lights (I borrowed Craigs), Ptc has the joystick light for the helmet too, which makes a big difference.

I have an ace up my sleeve as I plan to meet with Mr Ay up lights himself next Friday and get a set of their lights from him.

Currently he is riding on the Relentless 24hr up at Fort William so all the best to him.

I also visited my old stomping ground of Lochwinnoch the other day for a quick spin around Parkhill woods.


I also have been up onto Eaglesham moor on the usual circuit, I have added a new loop on to increase the length slightly.

It was warm up there today and I had to strip layers back to just my Chocolate Fish base layer.


As well as some Chocolate Fish Base layers other new kit has arrived.

Smartwool have very kindly sponsored us for the WHW and I have the new spring 2010 bike shorts on in the picture above.

The inner short is snug and comfortable and the outer is stretchy and reasonably tight to stop impromptu snagging of the saddle (good news for me then) there are knee warmers, training beanies and base layer tops.

Further info to come after the mission so we have had a chance to use them.

They wer new and shiny for a day !

They were new and shiny for a day !

We have new Julbo eye wear from Si at Lyon Equipment sorted us out with.


On first trial they were good with a good all round view given despite the small looking lenses.

Of course all the free kit is an amazing thing to have and I thank PTC and the companies for this.

With every bit of kit that comes in I cant help feeling more pressure.

I think we are ready but cant help thinking we should of put in more miles.

The world will be watching next week and failure is not an option !

There will be further write ups after te event with better detail on the kit used.

I am sure after 2 days of wearing it I will have formed a pretty solid opinion !

Just seen my photo in Trail too !

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4 thoughts on “Oot and Aboot

  1. No long to go now! Yikes!!
    Youse will do a good job, I’ve no doubt.

  2. chrishighcock

    Aye – I saw that photo in Trail. You look the part.

    Hope the final preparations for next weekend are going well.

  3. More-On

    Nearly there – best of luck to you all!

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