Escape !

In part of the preparation for the impending Oz trip I had ordered a Haglofs Convoy 110 from Escape Route in Pitlochry.

I had been fortunate enough to manage to get a look at the bag with a trip to the Haglofs shed.

At 110 ltrs I think it has plenty of space for two peoples kit, other beg to differ when I brought it home !

When in the shop we had a good banter about local adventures, kit etc

Thats the beauty of an independent, it’s not all sell sell sell, its all about customer care and this is reflected in the products in the shop.

I probably used up more staff time than I should of, I noticed on the web page they shut at 3pm today erm sorry guys !

I managed to refrain denting the card any more with many Haglofs goodies and a good selection of Wigwam Socks too.

Funny thing is I never even ventured into the back where the bike department was !

In fact I have not been on my bike since the WHW Falldoon (although I have cleaned mine !).

My motivation at the moment is winter hills and snow and I know my lack of activity is going to make me suffer on the first good hill day.

Ah well lets hope we get a gap in the weather before I get on the big bird to the other side of the world !

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6 thoughts on “Escape !

  1. Does that mean somebody else hasn’t cleaned their bike since your WHW Falldoon adventure?!

  2. Christ! You could fit PTC in that thing!

  3. Joe – Erm ! no comment
    Fraser- welcome I was toying at the idea of climbing into it (photos soon )

  4. News just in: there’s unlikely to be a weather gap from now until march! Ain’t that what usually happens this time of year? But I’ve requested a small window of opportunity around mid- December… we’ll see.

  5. I’d like to say, I now actually touched the bike (on Monday in fact), that’s progress at least.

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