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Merry Crimbo from Aussie

Merry crimbo everyone !

You guys are probably going to play in the snow with all your new outdoor crimbo pressies so have a good one !

We are off to feed the fish !

Or maybe go for a drive !

Or maybe go to the beach !

Before having a cold one of these !

And watching the sun go down over the sea.

Have a good one folks and we will resume normal service in the new year !

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Back to childhood

I was officially on holiday !

What to do ? I had chores to do like find a place to go for Christmas.

I tried to log on but the tinternet wasnt working.

The skies were blue and it was a crisp day so i thought ” Feck it I am going oot !”

I had to drop a christmas card in  at my mum’s at Lochwinnoch so opted for a wee walk around there.

I flung on theHaglofs  rugged mountain pants and the smartwool NTS  zip T.

I needed another layer and reached for the Haglofs Reptile hood which I have been wearing a lot since purchasing recently.

I changed my mind and got the SAS Windproof smock out the back of the cupboard.

As I drove to Lochwinnoch the cloud was coming closer and closer, I had thought about jumping up to Muirsheil and tramping in the heather.

As I got to the roadhead the cloud was right down so I headed up the road to the old house on Parkhill.

I parked up and pulled on the smock and set off through the semi frozen field.

I crossed the stream and headed to the top of Parkhill itself.

I sat and took it all in !

The front was passing over me as I sat watching the cloud covering the Renfrewshire heights.

There was a very abrupt line of cloud creeping East.

I looked down the hill where as kids we used to sledge, it’s all covered in bracken now.

I followed the Parkhill boundary fence for a while, this was my usual “patrol” when I was a kid.

The direction would be dictated by the direction of the wind as I eagerly hunted rabbit.

I noticed after a while my pace had changed, I slipping back into the old ways of feeling with my feet, short sweeping stride etc.

I was hunting again.

Suddenly a hare got up and bolted ” clumsy ” I had not spotted it.

I continued on m patrol and spotted a grey squirrel come out the wall.

I never have seen one in this area, it didnt hang around for a photo.

As I took photos of the ” Jew’s Ear fungi ” or “Auricularia auricula-judae” on an old Elder tree next to the Hawthorn I was finding myself become more in tune with the environment I was in.

I walked around looking for the squirrel but it was nowhere to be seen.

I did spot this despite some stupid dog yelping from the cycle track.

I back tracked on myself and headed back to the car passing the horses on the hill.

As I kid I used to learn to ride on them, the smell and touch came flooding back as I clapped them.

I got back to the car to see I had a missed call.

PTC had phoned and had given up on work, probably still delusional after his jaunt oot in the perfect weather.

We RV’d at Exscape and had lunch where I was pestered by people from work.

Over large coffees and pastry we discussed all sorts including future missions.

The main reason I was in Exscape was because I wanted a Black Diamond raven ultra.

Last year It took an age to get my kit sorted and up to spec, this year I am sorted and as soon as I get back from Oz I will be oot and enjoying the snow.

We diverted to the snowboard shop where we marvelled at the funky kit !

I have a habit of catching PTC in the most silly of poses but I think this one is the prize winner !

Heating Engineer, Outdoor journalist and kiddies birthday party magician !

I left EB with a bit more than an ice axe but thats a different matter !

PTC even contemplated buying a piece of kit too !

It was good to do non important stuff and to relax in the outdoors with no pressure, no need to climb to the top but instead to soak it up and get to grips with it.

Just as well 24hrs on a plane to look forward to tomorrow !

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