Kit kit and more kit

Ok so back to reality after the bliss of sunshine and upside down- ness !

I have been on the look out for a few bits of kit to complete my winter stock.

Ice Axe

At KORS 09 we seen a couple of nice lightweight axes but they wont be available till Spring 2010 !!!!!!!!

So after much thought I settled for the Black Diamond Raven Ultra, not just due to the fact it is a funky orange colour but the fit in the hand is great and the fact it is only 348g means you don’t mind the fact it spends most of its time strapped to your pack not being used.

I needed a thicker pair of gloves for wearing when it’s really cold and windy and for kicking about camp when dexterity is not important.

I was tempted by the Marmot Work Glove but could not track a pair down in Glasgow to try on !

The problem I have is I have wide hands but small fingers so fit is really important.

I ended up getting a pair of Haglofs Helix gloves which arrive today and fit like a dream.

The last thing on my list was a Rucksack.

The OMM Jerishanca is a good all-rounder for winter but I think it is a wee bit too small for multi dayers that I am planning soon.

The problem is there is nothing really on the market that I can see that comes perfectly fitted for winter like the OMM packs and manage to keep the pack weight down (feel free to message me with suggestions).

So this matter goes un resolved at the moment.

I did get a sneaky delivery of PHD Minimus trousers whilst I was away, which will make the winter high camps even cozier whilst cooking and taking photos, whilst at only 230g its  small price to pay .

All I need to do is get working on the fitness as well, 3 weeks of sitting on my arse and drinking beer has taken its toll.

Another week to go before work so I intend to make the most of it !

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