Just a distant memory !

Sitting here with a brew as the wind and rain smack against the window its hard not to feel gloomy !

The past few days have gotten warmer and grayer and the snow creeps higher and higher up the hills.

Whilst it was here we were out enjoying it and the ever handy Eaglesham moor was used lots.

The nice men who work at the wind turbines had taken the tractor out and cleared  the tracks to the turbines.

This makes great tracks for Nordic Skiing on.

I have been up there just about every night after work establishing a couple of great wee routes to use.

The Ay-up lights have been great projecting great light at very little weight.

I still have to write them up (which might get done today !).

I was thinking of writing other kit up but I have mixed feelings about doing so.

Firstly PTC already does it and does it well, a lot of the kit I use is because I have seen the stuff PTC gets so I can’t help thinking there would be a bit of duplication.

Secondly the blog is more of a diary than a marketing tool for kit, I aim to motivate, inspire and enthuse people to the outdoors as this is my job and my hobby.

So here is to the memory of snowy smiles

Clear blue skies

Andy snowy drifts.


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3 thoughts on “Just a distant memory !

  1. Aye, it’s miserable isn’t it?
    I was 50/50 for getting out this weekend, but I was sitting coughing at 0200 while designing tartan online, so I think that decided Saturday as much as anything…

  2. All I wanted was for the snow to solidify a little bit so as I wouldn’t be getting buried up to my waist every time I took a step especially as we’re up here in Ullapool.

    It’ll be interesting to see what it’s done to the snow pack high up

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