Carn Liath Revisited (Almost)

With the snow melting and the wind and rain depressing me on Saturday ,I had to get out on the Sunday.

My old mate Cam was feeling the same, so we arranged to head out for a leisurely day on the hill.

As I drove up the A9 the sun was shinning and as I passed Auchterarder there was patches of snow still on the surrounding hills.

I stopped in Perth to pick Cam up and we continued North in the mist  passing mounds of snow by the roadside but only patches on the hills.

We cut off the A9 at Blair Atholl and climbed up the narrow track parking at the wee flat bit opposite  Loch Moraig.

After packing my kit and a change of footwear we were off with skis on our shoulders.

After about a 100m walk we passed through the gate and fixed the skis to our feet.

The tractor had been up the track so it was badly rutted which made the going a wee bit harder.

Carn Liath again had a fine hat of cloud on it as the sun tried to shine through to the west.

Onwards and upwards we followed the track up to the wee huts at 923 678.

As we stopped for a wee look we could see someone had headed up the hill with snow shoes but no poles.

There were a few more normal boot prints too and as we set off we could see 3 people making their way off the summit.

As we continued to follow the main track there was even more evidence that the thaw was here.

The stream was crossing the track with only a small snow bridge to use to avoid wet feet.

We got to the track junction and decide to follow it down to Shinagag.

Just before the track takes a downwards direction, Cam on his nice wide Telemark Skis and superior skiing made short work of this, I on the other hand was sliding rapidly out of control on my skinny track skis and inferior skiing.

Theis predictably ended with me bailing out and eating snow !

We stopped for a brew before heading up the hill between the 2 patches of woods.

As we packed up the rain started but did not last long.

As we climbed the hill towards  Carn Breac the sun came out again.

The original plan was to head North to the track that skirts Can Liath but time was getting short so we head due West on a nice downhill section towards the confluence of the 2 burns.

As we were doing this I ate snow yet again as my skinny skis (and inferior skiing) broke the surface crust and dug into the soft snow sending me face first into it.

I picked me self up and continued in a slightly more cautious way till I joined Cam on the side of a steep descent to the river.

We got to the river edge and it looked deeper than we thought.

I ended up with wet feet despite trying to use stepping-stones, yet another draw back of track boots and skis.

Onwards across the snow drifted heather we went, occasionally the crust would give way making going a bit slower.

We met the track again and the going was way easier as we skated back following our original tracks.

The sun was getting low and Carn Liath still had its hat of cloud on.

The light from the low sun reflected on the cloud creating great colours.

More downhill antics seen further falls for me untill I chose to remove my skis and walk the last bit for Health & Safety reasons !

I could get into Ski touring but thats a whole new toy budget !

All in all a good wee day out playing in the snow and catching up with a good friend, the only thing was we were too late to catch Escape Route !

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7 thoughts on “Carn Liath Revisited (Almost)

  1. nice

  2. What a fantastic way to explore the hills.

  3. Cheers folks !
    Something different now and then keeps the motivation up and the training going.

  4. Good wee trip there.
    But 1- what are you training for? And 2- I bet you keep driving passed my house up that m80/A9 and don’t even drop in for a cuppa!! 🙂

  5. Ange – Got a few Adventure Races coming up this year and a few other events !
    Normally by the time I get to your place I am in home mode and keep going ! Sorry !

  6. I liked the more detailed snow eating incident description I got today better!

  7. Brilliant article. I used to have cross country skiis . The really long old fashoined ones with fish scale bottoms. They were popular in the 70s. Could not stop them or turn them but it was great going over the Dodds in winter pretending you were a arctic explorer. We recently skiied down Keppel Cove on snow blades. see picture at

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