Its Back ! The snow that is.

As I walked into work this morning there was flurries of snow floating about on the wind.

It never came to much but I did notice the cloud was getting heavier as the day progressed.

I was out on the White Cart Walk Way having a look at the river as we are supposed to be doing a trip down it with the Countryside Rangers in June.

PTC rang me asking where I was as he was close to Tiso, but I could not make it.

He was heading out on the Kilpatricks tonight if he got finished on time.

It must have got me thinking as the past few weeks the “want” to get some training done has been there but the motivation was not.

I bit the bullet and got home and changed.

It was rainy outside when I left the house, but as I neared Eaglesham it was turning to sleet.

By the time I got up on the hill it was coming in heavy.

I walked and ran the usual track enjoying the dying light and started of thinking about a wee comparison of the Haglofs Endurance and the Haglofs Ace M, but that’s for another time !

I stopped at the point where normally there is a gate, it is not there now but the handy posts make a good platform for the camera and is used often.

The snow was falling heavier making it harder under foot as all the rocks were just visible, I had the head torch on but the light was reflecting off the snow.

I tried switching it off but my night vision was gone and did not feel like standing about for 20 minutes whilst it came back.

I turned back at the end of the woods, I was getting tired but still felt good enough to trot along at a reasonable pace squinting through the snow and the glare from the headtorch.

I had the Ipod on and was lost in my own we world of  “hyperdrive ” as I came round the last bend and down the hill.

I had enough energy to vault the gate although it did take a wee bit of concentration.

Good job I was back at the car as I was starting to fade away into the dark side !

So first training session over, that means it should be easier to get out for the second ! Right ?

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7 thoughts on “Its Back ! The snow that is.

  1. Ah yes that all to familiar feeling of having to drag ones rear into gear and get out there. Good on you for ignoring the pull of the sofa

  2. Nice fading shot. Need to find the time more than the motivation at the moment, too much work.

  3. Its always a catch 22 for me !
    Sometimes you have the time and no motivation other times its all work and no play despite wanting to get out in your own space !

  4. Loved reading this post and the last. Which sleeping bag do you use ? Do ypu find it warm enough ?

  5. Good lad.

    I spent the night making pairs of socks out of the dry washing pile…

  6. Greg I have a couple of PHD bags.
    I use the Minim 500 in the winter and find it perfect for me.
    I do sleep warm though.

  7. My motivation has been lacking for a few weeks now but… the days are getting longer, spin bikes keeps my legs ticking over and I’m on a much needed holiday on Monday! Yay!
    Btw that last photie is really smart, if a little spooky! Nice one.

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