Posting Lethargy !

Its been a while due to all sorts but not inactivity for a change !

We have been oot working hard running raft guide training (how very wrong in Feb !) and using the local snow for some nordic skiing around the local wind farm.

My feet have been chewed by my old boots and that white tape has come in handy tonight to allow me to stay oot a wee bit longer without blisters.

It’s worth it though and by the looks of the tracks there are other people out there enjoying the tracks on foot and ski too !

Can we have more snow please I like winter !

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5 thoughts on “Posting Lethargy !

  1. I can’t believe you actually managed to get indoors and take your ski’s off to write a post! You seem to be out on skis all the time at the moment. What an amazing winter! I usually look forward to the snow drops and blue bells but I don’t want this winter to end! 😉

    • Aye Jamie I am the same !
      Last year I felt that winter was over just as I was getting into it so I was determined this year to make the most of it.
      Just need to stop messing about low level and get into the hills.

  2. Ah now, I do like them photies.

    You watch those feet this weekend.

  3. are you tweeting on your phone in that top photie?

  4. No Ange I am getting the sports tape to patch my feet up, my phone aint that hi tech

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