Cat out the bag

I had booked some time off to head south with PTC to do some trade stuff and factory visits.

As usual nothing is set in stone and an impending Trail deadline saw us driving North instead of South.

As usual the stupids on the A82 were driving slow as the rain fell in heavy sheets.

As we got to Killin it had dried up a bit and we parked and had a wee browse in the Killin Outdoor Shop.

A pair of Keen Siskiyou’s caught my eye and to top it all they had a sale sticker on them too.

After trying them on I was sold, flexible and light with a roomy fit.

Next was of course food, we walked up to the bakers for pies, cake for the hill and coffee and as PTC shopped in the co op for hill food I rested my brew on the bin much to dismay of one old lay who commented on the fact that there was better places to each your lunch.

We drove over the hill road into Bridge of Balgie and then up Glen Lyon to the dam at Loch an Daimh.

Even if you are not a walker the drive up for the views is worth while in itself.

The sun was out and the sky was clearing as we left the car, we decided to leave the normal path and contour round the hill by the side of the Loch.

The blue skies were reflecting off the water making an amazing contrast against the lush green hillsides.

As we passed round Creag an Fheadain we could see towards the end of the loch and the start of Gleann Daimh.

The glen looked like an awesome place to explore and we bantered ideas of future exploration of this area involving bikes and tents.

As we climbed towards the Lochan I had to stop to tend to my feet.

At the Rat Race my bike shoes decided to hate my feet and after 8 hours I had 2 big holes in my heels.

I thought they would be fine but contouring round the hill has taken its toll on my left heel, after a bit of compeed it was fine and we pushed on.

Following the burn up to the lip of the Corrie we expected to be greeted with the edge of the lochan, instead it was soggy peat and  flat grass for about 500m till we reached the edge of the mirror like Lochan nan Cat.

We played about with tha cameras as we circled the lochan, trout jumped for flies, how they got there is a mystery.

We skirted round and up onto the ridge of  Stuc an Lochain just as a heavy shower came in.

The Haglofs LIM doing a great job of keeping me dry !

The ridge is narrowish  and rocky offering amazing views as well as a great route to the top.

On the top we had a chat to a couple who had come up the other side on the normal path.

As we had something to eat we could see the weather coming in from the west.

As you looked at each compass point there was different weather at each.

As PTC filmed a little snippet being the TV celeb he is we soaked up the views that were about to be hidden.

The cloud thickened and the views disappeared we reached into our packs for waterproof trousers as the light faded.

The rain started and before long it was rattling of our hoods stinging our ears, it was so heavy it was hitting the ground and the spraying back up.

The comfort of thumb loops soon disappeared as my hands were drawn up into the sleeves of my jacket to protect them from the cold battering rain.

The drumming of the rain must have had an effect on PTC as he decided to run away arms in the air.

We had thought about branching off the ridge and heading down  Coire an Duich, but on closer inspection it looked full of boggy misery so we kept to the path.

Back at the car we got changed, I inspected my feet and as I pulled the compeed off I took the skin with it !

Another hole in my ankle !

We took a wrong turning at the Crainlarich junction and found ourselves in the Real Food Cafe eating Chicken Curry and chips with a pint of coffee by the fire.

It was good to be in the hills again with no pressures.

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4 thoughts on “Cat out the bag

  1. Nice

    anyday involving a stop in the Real Food Cafe is a good one.

  2. I had an abortive attempt up Gleann Daimh a wee while back, need to get it done before the year end…

    • Fraser Gleann Daimh looks like a great place to explore.
      Chris yeah it has been closed the past few times when we have passed !

  3. I got to near the end and thought “Haud on, I don’t look daft in this one”, then I spotted the last two photies.

    I forgot the bin incident. Ha!

    Good day, back we will go.

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