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Its too late now !

Time is short !

As if by some time warp Sept is here and it is race time again !

This one is a bit different from the normal fun adventure races we do !

The Nokia Coast to Coast is in its first year and theory its a triathlon but the swim has been replaced with a far better option of Kayaking.

We decided that as the “expert ” option had a longer kayak section in it that it would be the better option ! (next time I will read the small print !)

So training has been plenty but still feels that there has not been enough !

Smithy has broken his foot, skinny has damaged his IT band and Scott has knackered his ankles !

So its down to me and the 2 boys that are doing it as a pair !

The SPOT might go with me but doubtful !

I have clothing choices but not decided !

Watch PTC blog for Twiter updates as he may be on route to take photies of my pain !

How will it end ? Watch this space !

If nothing else it will be an adventure with lessons to be learned !

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Training Fecking Training !

Its been all go on the training front for The Nokia Coast to Coast for the past few months.

I hate training to honest with you !

But just sometimes training takes you to places that just make it all worth while !

Happy days!

Wont be long till normal service resumes and I am back running about the hills for the enjoyment of it instead of a “training mission ”

Stay safe kids !

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