KORS 2010

Morning arrived nicely in the massive hotel room.

I met PTC and helped ourselves to breakfast and coffee and watched people walking past in the morning sun.

A short drive later we arrived at the hall for the show, not knowing what to expect apart from  its bigger than last year !”

We stopped in to see Si from Lyon Equipment to see what was new !

Some new Exped Dry bags caught my eye in the corner.

As well as Exped, Ortleib have been busy jazzing up their range including this nifty wee bum bag which would be good for safety kit on the bike as well as on the river !

Last year we saw the JetBoil Flash and PTC has been using it most of the winter, I have never been a fan but on several occasions seeing it working and discussing with PTC I have been ready to change my mind and get off the fence.

Then I saw this !

This is the slightly smaller Jetboil Sprint (I think !), it looks like it could be a great solo bit of kit and for the ham fisted military knuckle draggers there is a version without the igniter so they can’t break it.

As you can see in the background above La Sportiva have got some interesting colours in the coming range.

A favourite being the Crosslite which has been played with to give a few different shoes to meet differing terrains and training/ racing needs.

On another racing note, annoyingly on The Rat Race we had to carry both bike and climb helmets with us on the Sunday.

The Petzl Meteor has been designed to conform to all safety specification so that it will do anything an Adventure Racer can throw at it !

The 2010 model has been tweaked a bit and given a wee bit of colour too.

The next highlight was the Terra Nova stand or should I say outside in the tent display.

The much awaited and talked about Tera Nova Laser Ultra 1 !

Is it a see-through Photon Elite ?

Looking at the pic and having spent a few nights in the Photo now I have a feeling the Ultra might be a tad bigger.

Who knows ? watch this space as we hounded the rep to hassle his boss to make sure we get on ASAP !

One surprise was the Hi tec stand.

They have a few new ranges out which is cleverly split up into various “target uses “.

The V Lite range come in mesh or e vent and having tried the shoe on above it is very comfy and something I would not walk past now as I reached for a more “Top end brand !”.

Lets hope they can take a bit of this styling and development to their V lite hiking range.

All in all there was very little that stood out or smacked you in the face as “oh I have to have one of them !” developments in any of the big names ranges.

Is this a sign of the economic climate ?

I dont apologise for lack of technical data on products above as that’s PTC’s game not mine !

I look at equipment now from many different types of uses from Adventure Racer (should there be a failed before that ! ) a hill user and from an outdoor professionals view.

All demand very different things from a piece of kit and it is very very rare that one piece of kit will work across the board.

Going to these shows however has helped me establish contacts with brands which helps in work as well as track developments in outdoor “tech”.

he La Sportiva Ganda Guide was there again but since I cant find any one selling them (Si says otherwise !) I am taking the huff and looking for something else to wear this winter.

If Haglofs would like to give me a set of Gryms to try then great ! otherwise the hunt still goes on !

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One thought on “KORS 2010

  1. Aye, the Ultra does look bigger than the Photon in that shot right enough.

    It really will be like sleeping in an ultralight shower cubicle with that flysheet.

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