The Simple, Small things

The heading above is not a description of me , although some may argue that point !

I don’t know if it’s the weather or the time of year but I have become quite reflective of late and it was not so different last year either !

The other day when I put my pack on as we walked out the car park I had a memory from childhood  revisited as I did up the hip belt.

Yes the bergbuckle is still alive !

Now even to the kit nerds this probably means nothing but my first proper rucksack after an external frame affair was a Berghaus Cyclops Roc, my mate Dave Kerr was a Karrimor boy and when we were out camping we would constantly battle each other in a “Top Trumphs” kind of way about the merits of Berghaus V’s Karrimor.

The Berghaus thing continued for years seeing me upgrade to a Crusader which was a whopping 100 Ltrs yes I filled it and carried it, god knows what it weighed !

I also had Yeti gaiters and a pair of Scarpa boots as they were in some way related to Berghaus.

I guess its easy to become Loyal/Attached or blinkered by a brand and then fail to see whats out there for the better.

I managed to get away from work whilst it was still light so boosted straight to Eaglesham moor to maximise what was left of the sunny day.

So often I am up here training either on foot or the bike.

This week I have been tired after work and have had Zero motivation to do anything, sunday showed that hill fitness departs rather quickly as I was “breathing through my hole !” most of the way up and come Mon/Tue I was feeling the work out.

As I sauntered up the path I cut off at the new plantation of oak trees and walked slowly taking in the colours and  sounds (or lack of them!).

It’s normally dark at this point and I have some angry man shouting at me down my headphones from my I pod as I breathe hard and puff and pant my way through the trees.

Not today ! I had a different tempo !

I looked around at the young Oak trees and sat as the sun moved across the horizon on its low orbit.

I have attended a few conferences with work the past month and there have been some good guest speakers at them.

Mark Beaumont was at the Mountain Bike Scotland conference in Perth, he talked well about his “journeys”.

Stuart Boreham talked at the DofE Scotland conference in Aviemore.

What struck me about these 2 guys was there approach to journeys and what it brings.

As walked along I thought about my journey.

What was it ?

There have been lots of  little excursions but really what were they trials for ?

Hands in pockets I walked on, the sun and the temp getting lower.

Last time in Cyprus my better half Julie asked my old man “what did you think Phil would be when he left school ?”

My old man thought for a while whilst I cringed and answered “an explorer”.

My old man got me into the outdoors but not in a pushy way, he gave me opportunities to sample things and when I decided I was going to take things further doors opened for me to take that road.

I at the time thought this was pure luck and now realise he had “picked” the locks to those doors so they would open a wee bit easier for me.

A lesson for all parents there I think !

He always tells me as well to ” have a plan !” but at this moment in time my plan consists of keeping my head above water and out of debt !

Funny I have been in my job in Glasgow now  coming up for 7 years (a lifetime record !).

I make the most money I have ever made yet still at the end of month have nothing, hard to think many years ago I survived on probably a third of what I earn now.

Go figure !

I dropped into the gorge side as I spotted a wee waterfall, I wanted to play with the camera and find that elusive shot I have been wanting for years that PTC and others do so well.

After a bit of changing settings I climbed back out on my way to the track and started on my way back down the hill.

The moon was out and the clouds were blowing past teasing us with the thought of a clear starry night.

I wasnt ready to go back to the car so I sat on the wall and cut away at a stick, letting the world go on its way.

Reluctantly (I had no stick left) I walked down the hill to the car, hands in pockets, no chest strap fastened, no hip belt on !

So the journey goes on, what the final goal is who knows !

One thing for certain is the sun goes down at the end of the day !

Cheers All !

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4 thoughts on “The Simple, Small things

  1. Hell, I know how you feel. I’m always skint too, I make attempts at saving, but they’re rarely successful. Unfortunately, I’m in a job that has no future for me. I’m desperate to leave, but alternatives are few and far between…I’ll keep playing the Lotto in the meantime..

  2. I feel yer pain mate !
    I am at the top of my pay scale now and knowhere to go above me !
    Aye Lotto !

  3. robsanderson1

    There’s nothing like a good ponder & that was nothing like a good ponder. I felt sorry the stick “You Murderer”.

  4. Nice. And on several levels too.

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