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Laters !

As always I am offski to warmer climes for a couple of weeks !

There is lots happening in the new year so normal service will resume after the 1st !

A big question mark still hovers above the Strathpuffer, lack of team members and bike time are a few of the factors.

Any how, you kids get out there and have some mild adventures and stay safe !

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Its not all bad !

It all appears that it snows in winter (what a surprise !) and the world comes to an end !

You have tubes driving about with 3 days of snow fall on their roofs and on crystal clear days as the sun is going down, fog lights are needed to see better.

Trains and other modes of public transport become invisible to drivers who “can’t get to work “.

Still there is a bright side to this.

Sticking down fresh tracks at Whitelee is a nice after work pastime, good to see the wildlife coming back after the disruption of the build.

There is something about a sunset over snow that just works for the soul !

And of course the joy of passing stupids in their pretend 4X4’s stuck in the snow, is it the tools or the workman ? You decide !

Anyho ! It’s all smiles from this end but then I do fly to warmer climes in a week or so from now !

There is a shadow of the Strathpuffer looming in there as well 😦

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