Beschäftigte Woche

The lethargy of being back from holiday and back at work has been broken finally !

After the day in the Mamores it was evident my hill fitness had got up and gone elsewhere, so it was time to take action and start training early in the year so that hill days would be more enjoyable.

The other Sunday found PTC and I on the Kilpatricks pitching tents.

We towed them up in the wheelie and when I took my spell at pulling I could feel the weight straight away.

There were some interesting tents in that bunch including a Gelert 1 man.

There was high hopes for it in its little bag, but that was to be short-lived in pitching.

After many brews later we were back at the truck and loaded up just as it got dark.

Tuesday night I needed to have a look at a route on the Muirsheil Hills, so left work a bit early (it was for work any way!) and headed down the 737 to Lochwinnoch.

I parked the car just below Mid Lint Hills and headed to the end of the road and onto the shooters track.

The rain soon started which then changed to sleet, I had to stick my buff on to protect my Frankie forehead from an icy beating as I pushed on in a walk and run towards Misty Law.

In between showers the views were great, the track splitting occasionally giving a route choice not shown on the map.

I paused on the top of Misty Law for about 15 minutes and during that time I had to put every layer on in my possession just to survive.

I did leave it too long to put my gloves on, the pain of my frozen thumbs served as a lesson not to be forgotten.

A steady run back to the car just about got me warm, luckily I popped into my mums in the village to get changed and a warm brew.

With the Basic Expedition Leaders course coming up next month I need to get a few routes for the course.

One day will be spent in the Kilpatricks doing basic navigation skills, so I dragged PTC from tent review doom and we struck out on the familiar path from Overtoun House.

The mist was sitting at a perfect inversion height so we wasted no time getting up onto the top of the crags.

The mist moving up the crags gave a real earie feel to the place.

We cut through a few tracks that I have not been on before, the ground was still frozen so underfoot conditions were favourable and not the boggy mess it would normally be.

Climbing out through the mist and cloud we were assaulted by amazing colours as the sun projected through the shadows of the trees.

It was too good to miss so we stopped for a brew to take it all in.

Photo courtesy of PTC*

The temperature was dropping fast, so for the second time that week I emptied my rucksack of warm layers.

Photo Courtesy of PTC*

My camera battery gave up the ghost, a mixture of the cold and the lack of charging.

After much banter we started moving again still with most layers on as the sun set rapidly over the Muirsheil Hills.

Sunday was mild and plans were made for a wee club training session.

The plan was to go for a run round a loop from Clachan of Campsie up to Cort Ma Law and then back down the road and the go for a spin on the Mountain Bikes.

Rob, Smithy and me

The climb up to the road was steep and before long my calf’s were in tatters !

Smithy who has been injured for 4 months was in front of me most of the way !

Coming off the top was good and the bog was mostly frozen as we bounded down to the road and then back to the cars.

We didn’t make it out on the bikes due to everybody having “other duties” to do, including Rob who’s pager went off on the hill as he was on call.

So ! Hopefully this will all pay off and the next time I hit the hills I wont be a soggy, heavy breathing mess !

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7 thoughts on “Beschäftigte Woche

  1. You always get me looking like I’m trying get a stuck toffee off my back tooth.

  2. Do you guys phone each other and co-ordinate your colours before venturing out on the hills?! There’s PTC’s yellow vest to match the tent in the first and then, oh my christ, just look at all that purple in the 7th photie! 😉

  3. Joe yes nothing worse than turning up to do a hill and your buddy is wearing the same clothes EEEKKK !

  4. PTC I did not use the one that looked right up your nose for that reason !
    Thought they were all unretarded !

  5. It’s awright, that close up one does show the good DWR on the Gelert Solo, glad I gave it an extra point after all.

    I’d also like to point out that some of the purple there is a vintage Karrimor Hot Ice 🙂

  6. Petesy : Hello?

    Bobinson : Hello matey just checking, what colours are you wearing today, dinnae wanna clash like!

    Petesy : Well I’m wearing erm Purple, Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, Grey, White, Green, Brown, did I mention Purple?

    Bobinson : Er right so what tha feck do I wear?

  7. Aye you are right Jamie !

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