Keen Hood River Boot

Keen Hood River Boot

I got these boots for the coast to coast last year and have worn them a lot !

The neoprene does what neoprene should and keeps your feet warm when it need’s to and the big characteristic Keen toe bumper does the job of protecting both the softer outer material and the foot that’s in it !

The 3 point double adjustment system allows you to custom fit the shoe to your foot and more importantly to what you are wearing the shoe over, to stop that embarrassing one shoe walk of shame after a sound thrashing on the river or surf.

The Aqua Stop sole may look a bit precarious but in actual fact offers good traction on many surfaces and not surprisingly is particularly good on wet rock and even ice !

The drainage mesh vents stop squelchy build up of water meaning it stays lighter and warmer.

The inside gives support to the foot and the sole is thick enough to stop riverbank stone hurting your feet.

At £59 retail they are not the cheapest, but hey buy cheap buy twice !

limited stocks are still available from Brookbank in Perth at a discount price of £47.99.

Or if you want to be up there and trendy go for the new kid on the block.

The new Keen Gorge Boot !

What can we say, slightly higher for more protection whilst scrambling around the river bank and  slightly more aggressive sole will come in handy in muddy environments.

More importantly you can’t go wrong with green and orange as a mix of colours.

These are also available at the moment from Brookbank for £69.99.

Both offer big shoe protection but still have the ability to fit down inside boats easily and comfortably which is always a bonous !

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