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That time again

Time for some winter sun !
Time to relax and reflect on the past year and make a cunning plan for the new one !

You kids take care and make sure that plenty of snow falls whilst I am away so I can get out when I get back.

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Smartwool TML Mid Full Zip Hoody

Phew ! catchy name or what !

I was first introduced to Smartwool a while back byPTC when we did the West Highland Way by bike !

Since then I have purchased just about every type of bike liners they make as they are about to be discontinued !

I was in Escape Route a few weeks ago when Pete excitedly showed the TML Hoody to me with the added comment “that’s your size !”.

I dully tried it on and was instantly impressed with the fit and features,  I left the shop knowing I wanted one !

A couple of weeks past and I was back in the shop but there were no Mediums left in stock !

In usual ER team style Pete said he would order me one in, with that I asked what colour was available, with joy I discovered there was a mustardy yellow available !

£130 later I was happy !


Weight- 640g (medium)

64% merino 36% nylon

2 hand pockets 1 chest pocket all with zips

Thumb holes are not everybody’s cup of tea but personally I like them !

The slightly lighter material in grey you can just see means that there is no hard edge against your thumb.

The offset zip does not scream out at you when you see it on the hanger, but once you zip up it sits subtly off your mouth.

The hood is snug and fits perfectly under both cycling and climbing helmets without any bother.

Unzipped the hood sits tidily out the way without the weight of it pulling the jacket back on you shoulders.

Its a semi form fit which means it is neither baggy or “athletic” the only thing I think it is missing is a pull cord at the bottom, but that being picky !

Also available in the female version in unfair purple (you girls get all the luck ) !

I bought mine as I said from Escape Route in Pitlochry but have been told that stocks are running low !

Snooze you lose !

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It’s been guid !

Past few days have seen some amazing inversions !
Of course work hast stopped a high camp or two but it does not mean I have missed out !








Soon it will be sitting from the door of my tent with a brew in my hand !

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