Easton Artica Hike Mens Snowshoes

When you mention Easton you tend to think bikes, but these clever guys have all sorts of developments going on including Easton Mountain Products .

Part of this range are the  Artica Hike Snow Shoes.



I have always had this big debate as the usefulness of snowshoes in Scotland but with winters supposedly to be getting colder and snowier then its worth a thought !

We played about with snowshoes back in 2009 and I have carried a few times  and used them mainly as an alternative training method in the winter.

The 30 inch shoes I tried weighed in at 2.29Kg’s,the Red Feathers I have been using are 1.67Kg’s but the Eastons have a few nifty little features that makes the weight worthwhile.

The first is the one handed quick cinching binding.


Just like it says on the tin ! the big handle allows use even with thick gloves or mitts on and holds the shoe to the boot evenly, the scale of adjustment is good and I reckon you could get a pair of snowboard boots in there as well as being small enough to fit a fell shoe.

The only thing that needs a bit of pre setting is the heel strap that is marked Small,Medium,Large and Extra Large, It takes just a few seconds to adjust so its nothing to get upset about.

Secondly the two-pronged  split-axis stainless steel toe crampons only found  on the hike model stops the teeth sticking down so far when un weighted, this is a bonus when tired or when (in my case attempting) running in the shoes.



The 7075 Aluminum USA Frame is robust but with a bit of give to ease the strain on the knees etc.


The narrow deck is controllable even on traversing a slope, something I had limited joy with in the past, yet it still displaces enough snow to avoid sinking deeply into the loose snow, the 3 choices of size avoids you having to carry any more shoe than you need too.


The narrow platform also helps with carrying the shoes, something that has always been a struggle for me as Straps are not long enough on your pack  or you find your elbows hitting off the edges.

80% Recyclable gives the Eastons not a bad environmental standing as well.

For all the girlies, you will pleased to know they also do a ladies version.

Retail is just under £200 and you can pop into Escape Route and have a good look at a pair.




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