Sneaky Peek

It arrived in the post a few days back !

It’s a PHD Alpine Ultra Jacket

I had my eye on one of these since I visited the factory with PTC.

I didn’t expect to see it till the New Year but again the PHD awesome service came through !

Hit me again and I will become an angry Chimp !

For those that love the Tech Jargoneese see below.

Down Quality: 900
Outer Fabric: Drishell
Weight: 330g (12oz)
Typical Operating Temperature: -10°C (14°F)
Colour: Red or black
Construction: Stitch-through for lightness

Of course the only colour to have is Bobinson Trademark Gold/Yellow.

Now can we have some nice weather so we can get out to play .

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6 thoughts on “Sneaky Peek

  1. Tien

    wow lovely how did u get a yellow colour? is the jacket ok without normal positioning pockets?

    • Tien
      I asked the nice people at PHD (as I have a habit of doing ) and they made one up in Gold dri shell.
      I dont really use pockets on my jacket much so I have no problems, if you use hand warmer pockets then you would miss them !

  2. Dan


    I’m actually looking at buying one of PHD’s jackets, and this one is on my ‘potential’ list. Im womdering what your present day thoughts are on it?

  3. Dan

    Excellent, that is what I hoped you were going to say. Thanks!

    Very much enjoy the blog by the way 🙂

    • No worries thanks Dan
      If you are in Scotland and you want to try one on etc to give you an idea give me a shout .

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