Bobinson, Bob and Leroi’s Christmas Adventure Part II

BANG ! There was bright lights  everywhere ! In the window and the door, voices were muffled due to my IPod playing in my ears !

Guys stumbled into the door like a SWAT entry team,shouting are you OK.

Shocked I sat up and finally made coherent conversation.

Turns out that SPOT have changed the settings on the “HELP” button that I use as an alternative message, instead of sending “I am Camped here” to my contacts, it had sent about 6 messages and SPOT SAR had sent me 2 texts asking me if I was OK.

With no mobile signal (hence the SPOT) I did not get this and after a pow wow of friends and rescue services, the moore guys from Kingussie RAF SAR were deployed in my direction !

After much chat and the insistence from “Control” that I was to be walked out, the poor guys left back into the wind and rain to bog trot back over to the Landrovers by the Pattack.

I didn’t really get much sleep after that mulling over what had just happened and the fact that those poor guys had been put at risk on Christmas Day whilst I slept fine and well !

The guys had mentioned that the footbridge at the ford was now underwater so my plan was to use the small track on the other side of the river from the bothy.

100mph gust were forecast and that’s why “Control” wanted to walk me out.

By half eight in the morning the sun was coming up but the cloud was still low on the hills.

I had a chat with the boys next door, they were planning on heading back to Dalwhinnie as well.

I packed BOB carefully making sure all items were in their dry bags preparing for the worse !

Essentials to survival were packed in the Endurance on my back incase BOB and Leroi went for a swim that I could not control.

In the end the track was good and with the gusts pushing me along it made for a pleasant cycle back to the main track.

I looked down at the footbridge and could see a police Landrover sitting abandoned, the boys had said that it had floated off whilst trying to cross the ford !

Back on the loch side I pushed on along the track, now getting used to the drag of BOB I was keeping a reasonable speed up.

Once back at the truck all the texts came in on the phone I answered them one by one making sure everybody was sure I was OK !

Aye another standard adventure turned into an epic !

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4 thoughts on “Bobinson, Bob and Leroi’s Christmas Adventure Part II

  1. Aye, it was going to be either you or me that did that first as we both use the same camping message thing.
    Still, a Christmas to remember :o)

  2. Wow what a mad situation! Makes for a brilliant story over a pint! 🙂

  3. E[ic indeed!. You’ll certainly not forget this Christmas in a hurry.

    I’m still in two minds over the SPOT thing…seems they do work though 🙂

  4. Better safe than sorry!

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